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Google Pixel smartphones said to be affected by mysterious Audio Issues



Google Pixel smartphones are probably one of the best Android smartphone out there in the market. They run pure stock Android and the internal hardware is also powerful enough and takes full advantage of the software. If you are in the market to buy either of the Pixel smartphones but are not able to make up your mind, then you can read our full written Review of the Google Pixel (XL). Moving on, there is one thing that you know before making a purchase decision here, though. According to reports, it looks like these Pixel smartphones have an issue with their speakers, especially at high volumes.

The reports about the audio issue with the Google Pixel XL started to pop-up after a Reddit user brought to the attention of the people on this issue after posting a video explaining the same. The video clearly shows the audio distortion on his Pixel and Pixel XL when the volume is turned all the way upto to the highest levels. As you can see from the video by the user, at the highest volume levels, the Perfect Piano app is literally unusable. The keys sound more like static with lots of audio popping as you drag your fingers across the keys.

And not just that, even when you play the audio using a speaker, at the loudest volumes, the audio still sounds as bad as it normally sounds through the regular speakers. However on the other hand, when you use headphones, the audio works just fine. If in case you are thinking that it an issue related to the software, then you might want to reconsider since the phones are running on the latest version of Android being 7.1.1. And as far as other few devices from the competitions go, this problem is not there on any other devices. Previously it was also reported that the same problem also exists in some other apps like Youtube, Tune I radio, etc.

While it is believed that a software update could fix this issue, it is still very surprising to see such issues popping up out of nowhere with one of the most expensive and reliable piece of hardware out there from Google. As of now, the reason for this issue seems to be unknown and we have to wait until we get any official statement from Google on this matter. Meanwhile, you can let us know if you own one of the Pixel devices and if yes, then let us know if you are facing this issue on your smartphone. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for detailed info on this in the future.


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