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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could face Second Recall following the recent incidents



Yesterday we reported about yet another explosion of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the United States. It is reported that the smartphone which caught on fire was apparently a replacement unit. Yes, so this essentially means that even the replaced units are facing the same issue as that of the defective units did. This is seriously a major issue for the company and we expect them to do something about this.

While we wait for some more details on this from the company, it is now expected by many analysts that a second global recall of the smartphone could be possible. Yes, you heard that just right. After the recent incident with the device, country’s consumer safety watchdog (CPSC) stepped into the scene. And according to the executive director of CPSC, if the phone which caught on fire and started smoking in his pocket was a replacement unit, then another recall could be very much possible.

It was also reported that they might come up with a decision on this as early as next week. And we totally agree to the fact that something should be done about this if the device which was involved was a replaced unit after all. However, at this point in time, we don’t have an official statement from the company and we are hoping that we would be getting a final statement anytime soon. So meanwhile if you are planning to buy the smartphone, then you might want to hold on to that thought just yet, since things are not really looking great for the company. Stay tuned for info on this as we will update once we have more details.

Earlier – After all this time when everyone thought that the whole battery explosion fiasco about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was over, it has now being reported that yet another Galaxy Note 7 caught fire. And this time in an airplane. Well, luckily the plane was still at the gate so immediate evacuation was possible and none of the passengers was harmed. And the worst part is, the Galaxy Note 7 which caught on fire was a replaced unit. Yes, the unit which the company stated that it will be safe from any explosions.

As you can see from the images below, the Note 7 which caught on fire has the same exact mark just like the other exploded devices had. As mentioned before the Southwest flight to Baltimore was still on the gate and no one was injured. The handset owner quickly threw the device away and hence he was also unharmed. He initially claimed that the phone which caught on fire was the replaced one, which he picked up from AT&T store on September 21st.


Later the same was confirmed when he showed the box in which the replaced unit came in. The box clearly indicates that the device is indeed a replaced one since it has the Black box at the back of it. This is one of the indications which the company asked to check before picking up which says that the device is a replaced one and it will not cause any issues. But it clearly didn’t work out for the man here, who decided to stick with the note 7 smartphones instead of going for a refund or any other device.

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But again, there are reports claiming that the same can’t be confirmed yet, as the box could be of some other handset as well. So as of now we suggest you not to panic and stay calm until and unless the company confirms it and we get an official statement on the same. But just to clear the air, the owner of the smartphone claimed that he switched off the device as per the instruction from the cabin crew aboard the plane. And when it was resting in his pocket, the device started emitting smoke indicating that something wasn’t right after all.

It is reported that the device burnt the carpet on the airplane and also damaged the floor of the plane. He says the battery was 80 percent when he tuned it off and always uses a wireless charger to top the battery off. And do make a note that Samsung is yet to comment on this and we are still waiting for an official statement from them on this issue. So stay tuned for details on this as we will update once we have more info.


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