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Verizon will handle the System Updates if you buy the Pixel Smartphones from them



On October 4th, Google announced the new Pixel smartphones that will be running the latest Android 7.1 Nougat out of the box with all the new features like the Google Assistant, etc. The company also announced that Verizon would be the exclusive carrier for the new Pixel Phones in the United States. Well, this might be a good news for many who are still locked to the carrier but it might not be a great idea if you one of those who wants to be first in line for the system updates.

Yes, we all know that Verizon doesn’t have the best history when it comes to software updates. If you are one of the Verizon customers, you already know what we are talking about here. The carrier is basically known for delaying the updates for optimising the carrier locked devices with the new updates. And if you are thinking that this will not be the case with the Pixel smartphones, then you might want to reconsider that thought.

According to the source, when they reached out to Verizon to confirm the same about the software updates, it was reported by the carrier that the system updates for these Pixel smartphones which you will be buying from the carrier will be handled by the carrier themselves. However, the monthly security updates will directly come from Google for all the models. So, if you are planning to pick up the either of the new Pixel smartphones from the Carrier in the United States, then this is something you should totally keep in mind before making a decision here.

And not just that, if you buy these smartphones from Verizon, then along with the stock Android, you will also be getting some of the Verizon bloatware that we hate so much. Yes, the amount of the bloatware will be considerably less as compared to other devices from the carrier, but still even having 2-3 apps from the carrier might ruin the whole experience for many, considering the fact that most of the consumers buy these smartphones for the stock unadulterated software experience.

With that being said, if you fine with receiving these updates a little bit late as compared to the models bought from the Google Store directly, then you can go ahead and purchase them from the carrier. But if not, then the only options is to go for the other unlocked models from a variety of other retailers across the globe. But we suggest you pick one from the Google Store only since if you are paying a hefty amount for these smartphones, then you might as well make sure that you get everything that Google has to offer first. So let us know your thoughts on this and whether or not you are planning to pick any of these devices or not. Stay tuned for more info on this.


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