Nokia 3310 phone proves it’s durability, saves a man’s life by stopping a bullet

by Karthik Iyer 3

Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are proving to be a lot dangerous over the course of time. All started with defective batteries taking down garages and trucks and now still after all these months, the problem is still unresolved. This is no joke by any means. But this doesn’t mean that all the smartphones are like this and all the news which we read are going to be of yet another smartphone explosion. How about something different? Maybe a smartphone saving a life from a bullet?

Well, pretty much everyone would be thinking that only Nokia can do that. And yes indeed. Back in the days, we have seen a bunch of memes saying that Nokia 3310 was built like a tank, etc. Apparently, it is true indeed as the phone now saved a life by stopping a bullet. These Nokia phone may have lost their charm now among the big players flaunting their shiny flagships. But the good old Nokia phones are still some of the strongest phones out there and there is no denying that.

Coming back to the topic, it is reported that a Nokia 301 saved somebody’s life by stopping a bullet and preventing it from hitting its target. Yes, it just saved someone’s life by stopping a bullet. It is reported that the man is from Afghanistan and also that the incident happened just last week. This is actually quite surprising. Although we agree that these phones are indeed built like a tank, but this is really shocking, especially when we are living in the world where smartphones are getting exploded day after day.

And talking about explosions, it is definitely worth noting that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone could face another recall. And this would be basically the second recall from the company for the smartphone. The first global recall cost the company over a billion dollars and now if this happens then we could be talking loss in billions yet again. However, do make a note that this is not confirmed yet about the second recall but we hope the smartphones are safe now. With that being said, if you are still using one of these old Nokia phones, well at least you have yet another reason to show them off now.

Karthik Iyer

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  • Good, Nokia is in news for this! I think even smartphones with metal build or cover can also stop bullets! Right? And luck matters in such scenarios.. 🙂

  • Rohit Kavathekar

    This Totally prove that Smartphone are nowdays always saves human lifes. same incident happen last time with huawei smartphone as well.
    nowdays smartphone comes with well build & good material too that makes it bullet proof. 😉👍👍👍

  • Rce

    It’s not 3310,it’s Nokia 108..