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Top 6 Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 Problems & How To Fix them



Samsung Galaxy J3 2016

With the increase in a number of smartphone users, every manufacturer is looking forward to launching various devices for the users. Samsung is said to be the one of the top manufacturers of Android-based devices as it launches the products at small intervals by embedding latest technologies. After the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, now everyone is looking forward to the mid-range Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 smartphone.

Unlike Samsung Galaxy J7 and Galaxy J5, this could be a new variant from the Samsung, which targeted mid-range users. With a 5-inch display and Android Lollipop version, few users already got hands-on the device. Similar to other Android phones, this device may have to face few issues and so in prior we found the solutions for them too. So, just relax and go through below solutions to fix some common issues.

1. Poor-Battery Life

Problem – With Li-Ion 2600 mAh battery, Galaxy J3 2016 could give better battery life for the users. But, as the usage increase, then it may affect the battery life. Previously we have received more complaints on the similar issue, and so we found out few precautionary measures for resolving this issue

Solution – All you need to do is enable the performance mode. Go to ‘Settings>Battery>Power Saving Mode’ and turn it on. By doing this, the CPU gets better performance which helps in increasing the battery life. Also, avoid using widgets and live wallpapers on the phone which can help in increasing the life of the battery. Uninstall all the battery draining apps from the phone and keep the device safer.

2. Bloatware

Problem – Just like all other Android devices, Galaxy J3 2016 phone comes with few pre-installed apps and. Few users stated that the bloatware is causing an issue on the phone.

Solution – You can easily fix this issue by simply uninstalling the bloatware from the device. If you cannot find an option to uninstall the pre-installed apps, then try to disable them. Also, uninstall all the useless apps from the user-installed apps as they can affect the performance of the device.

3. Lag in the Performance

Problem – The users who bought the Android devices usually complaint about the lag in the performance of the device after using it for few months. But by taking few precautions you can avoid those.

Solution – First, enable the Developer options on your device. For that, Go to ‘Settings>About Device’ and tap few times on ‘Build Number’ until it enables the options. Now you can check them under settings. Next, scroll down the developer options and find ‘Window animation scale,’ ‘Transition animation scale’ and ‘Animator duration scale.’ You can see them pointed to 1x, so you can disable them or reduce to 0.5x for the better performance of the phone.

Also, remove the app cache from the device by opening each app from the app manager and tap on ‘Clear Cache’. The lag issue can also be resolve by performing wipe cache partition. To do so, you need to get the phone into recovery mode. For that, hold volume up, home button and power buttons altogether for some time. Now, you will enter into recovery mode where volume buttons should be used for navigation and power rocker for confirming the selection. Now go for ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ using volume button and confirm it by pressing power button. Once the process is done, go for ‘Reboot System Now.’ That’s all; now the lag issue should get resolved.

If you fail to resolve the lag issue by now, then you can perform the factory reset on the phone. This will erase entire data from the phone and so you need to take prior back up before proceeding any further. Once back up is taken, turn off the device and enter into recovery mode as explained above. Now, select and confirm ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and then ‘Yes – Delete all user data.’ Once done go for ‘Reboot system now.’ The factory reset can also be performed by opening ‘Settings> Backup & Reset>Reset device>Erase everything’. Once done, the lag issue should get resolved from the device.

4. Low Volume during calls

Problem – Few users reported about the low volume during the calls and nowadays it seems like a common issue on all the Android phones.

Solution – Mostly, the problem should be with the volume settings. So, check the volume level of calls on your device and set it to the maximum. Even then the problem persists, turn off the device and restart it after sometime. By now, the problem should get resolved.

5. SIM Card detection error

Problem – In new Android devices, some users seem to face the issue with SIM card detection. By making few workouts, you can easily solve this issue.

Solution – First of all, remove the SIM card and clean the SIM-tray with a soft cloth and re-insert the SIM. Now, the issue can be resolved. If not, remove the SIM card and battery, and clean everything with a soft cloth and re-insert the battery and SIM card. By now, you should get rid of the issue. If the issue persists, then try inserting other SIM card as the problem could be with the SIM.

6. Sudden Death

Problem – Sometimes, the device gets turned off suddenly, and users start panicking. But this also seems to be a common issue these days and so you can perform certain tasks for resolving this issue.

Solution – First, restart the device and use for some time. If the problem is still on, then perform wipe factory reset on the phone as explained in the solution 3. By now, the problem should get resolved.

Other Tips

Always make sure to upgrade the device using the latest software. The OTA updates released from the manufacturers will contain the fixes for minor bugs. So, users need to check and update the latest software r device regularly. Check the updates in ‘Settings>About Device’ and if you found any, download and install the same. Also, turn off the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and data connections whenever not in use as this may enhance the battery life. If you see any error in Wi-Fi connections, then try to restart the router as it can resolve the issue.

In case, if you have any other issues with your Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 smartphone, then write us down in the comments section below, as we try to resolve them for you.


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