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Samsung Continues to Fake DSLR-Shot Photos as Camera Samples



Samsung has done it again, earlier this year, there were reports that Samsung has used some stock images to showcase the Galaxy A8’s rear cameras’ image capturing capabilities. And, yes it has happened again with the same Galaxy A8 series smartphone, this time with the upcoming Galaxy A8 Star, which the Korean giant has geared up to launch on December 12, this year.

According to DIY Photography, the photo, which is being represented as to showcase the upcoming Galaxy A8 Star camera’s bokeh mode was captured by a DSLR camera, if you’re wondering who has stated this, its none other than the person in the photo itself.

The person in the photograph also claims that the background of the actual image has been changed with a park image in the background to showcase their camera’s blur effect. She further claims the image has been heavily edited – including the eyes and altered the skin tones as well.

However, on the Samsung’s Galaxy A8 Star product page, there isn’t any mention about the image is captured using a Galaxy A8 Star’s camera or it was being used as a representative image. Previously, Huawei had also done the same to showcase their P9’s camera capability. While it’s still arguable whether smartphone companies using stock images to represent their phone’s camera capabilities is right or wrong, the person in the photo claims that she is however confident that Samsung might have bought the photo, which has been used to showcase their phone’s camera capabilities.



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