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Google Hangouts Soon to Transform into Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet



Google has a pile of messaging apps right now that pretty much do the same thing Hangouts, Allo, Messages, for instance. Google Hangouts was the first amongst the lot that was introduced five years ago. Ever since, it has undergone some significant changes and currently it is being represented as Hangouts Classic, according to Scott Johnston, Realtime Comms product lead in G Suite at Google.

Reports were circulating lately about shutting down of Google Hangouts by 2019. However, Scott has confirmed that there weren’t any decisions made about shutting down of the Hangouts yet; instead, the users would be upgraded to Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. These services are currently catered to G Suite accounts where Chat app is essentially used for messaging and Meet app is utilized for video conferencing.

Although Scott had informed that there weren’t any decisions made about the shutdown yet, he insists that Hangouts Classic wouldn’t be losing support and service, any time soon.

If you are wondering Hangout Chat and Meet are for G Suite users, you shouldn’t be worried as Scott has later confirmed that it would definitely change during the transition and would most likely available to Hangouts Classic users as well.



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