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Runscribe – Wearable for Runners Mounts on Shoes & Reports Advanced Data




Currently, there are so many fitness trackers or bands available in the market that has functionality of basic fitness tracking and giving you a brief amount of data about your health, which mostly roam around (But not limited to) the steps taken, calories burned and many things you have to log or is out of the correct proportions. But beyond that they can’t help you users improve things like postures or other factors that define and affect one’s running experience.


A San Francisco startup, Scribe Labs, is one such company that is about to change the way you track your running with its runScribe tech. It is a new wearable which is currently seeking funding via its Kickstarter campaign. The device is generally targeted at runners that are trying to track safety-related information about their daily runs. As there are so many different ways people can end up with injuries, both small and big, due to running incorrectly or say too often, that’s where runScribe can help.

The lightweight wearable tech can be easily mounted on the back of a shoe and uses a 9-axis sensor to absolutely capture the movements of your foot during the tread cycle. Closer to the exact measurements, combined together with runScribe’s kinematic engine will deliver the most advanced set of running data you can get out of one device.

runScribe - Raw Data

The runScribe makes a number of calculations on an axis, which then translates the result on 13 detailed kinematic metrics, which includes the stride rate, foot strike type and peak levels. All the data then gathered into the runScribe app and shown in simple infographic. The company believes that this kind of data can be very helpful in finding out which kind of shoes you should wear by examining the foot build and running patterns.

The device looks out for pace, running surface, stride and impact forces are the few data points that are looked by it. So, this wearable has the potential to prevent a lot of running-related injuries. All these data is beamed over to your phone via Bluetooth connection, which means you did not have to take out mobile every time. Also if the device is accidently disconnected, then you wouldn’t need to worry as all the data will be stored on the flash memory of the device and then it can be sync with your mobile when you get home. It works with both Android as well as iOS devices, and you can log on to the website to see the stats.

runScribe - 13 Kinematic Metrics

There are total 13 different data points being tracked by the runScribe as it is attached to the person’s shoe. All those data points are important to the people who want to run consistently. It will be the ultimate tool to improve the way people run, since its wearable will track such detailed information. The device works with a replaceable coin-style battery, however, the device will only support 30 hours of run time on a single charge.

The runScribe will come with two shoe mount options, clip-on cradle and silicone adhesive (removable) cradle. The total weight of the device is just 15 grams and its dimensions are 35 x 15 x 5 mm. The device is currently under funding as backer can pre-order one of the three different packages for the item. Starting with the runScribe starter pack for $100, which will give users general sense of the data. The Pro pack will fetch for $140, giving you the full access to all 13 kinematic metrics. And finally backers can pre-order the runScribe science for $380, which gives users full access to the raw data. Company plans to deliver their first order by the end of the November.


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