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Jaha – A $25 Fitness Band which Motivates you with Challenges & Tracks Movements



Jaha fitness band

There are dozens of fitness bands available in market, which promises to track your daily activities and provide you the analysis of your health data. But the important thing that most of the fitness trackers (except GOQii) lacks, is the motivation factor. It has been half the decade since we have been seeing the fitness trackers come to existence in people’s life. And if you have been looking for the same factor on fitness tracker, then, your wish will soon come true.

Jaha, a Los Angeles based fitness organization is working a product that will do more than just showing your health stats. With company’s aim to provide a fitness band for all, they have started their Kickstarter campaign just couple of weeks ago and have already achieved their goal funding.

Jaha fitness band

To provide fitness for all, company has also priced its wearable tech as low as $25, which was an early bird pledge, though it will retail for just $29. Other than, Xiaomi’s Mi Band, there is no other competition for Jaha in this price bracket. With market leaders like FitBit, Nike Fuelband, and Jawbone Up costing around $100, it has a great opportunity to create impact in the wearable space.

This new fitness tracker offers basic health data tracking like steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, monitor sleep as well as knows when you are active or not. Though, the most interesting thing about Jaha is not its tracking abilities, but how easily it motivates you to improve your health. The device works on three basic principles, which are Locate, Challenge, and Motivate. With GPS tracking, the Jaha band integrates a running buddy/partner feature, which allows users to meet up with their friends, in order to do that users need to allow GPS to auto track their moments.

The Jaha Challenge feature allows user to challenge anyone, it may be your friend using the product, or someone else that you like to challenge, as company is trying to rake in some sport celebrities and athletes to get started. Imagine, beating up a professional athlete in burning total amount of calories over a time, and would also able to challenge with your own team collectively.

The motivation factor is the combination of locating your fitness partners, and challenging them or even professional athletes would be possible with Jaha fitness band. The Jaha dedicated app will be available on iOS devices first, later company plans to introduce Android as well as a Windows 8 app. It will allows users to locate their fitness partners, carry out challenges, compare stats, see news feeds as well as smack board. Company also plans to include one on one messaging and the automated notification feature on its fitness band. If the person wants keep its data private, he/she sure can. And that’s not it, the app will be open source, and will allow other fitness band manufacturers to integrate their products on Jaha App.

What more could you ask from a $29 fitness band? With wearable devices expected to grow up faster in the coming quarters, the affordable and resourceful devices like Jaha will have a great opportunity. The first set of batch is slated to ship in November this year.

We are a fitness enthusiasts and that was one of the reason that we booked Jaha right away, and if you were searching for a fitness tracker in the market, then, you may not find a better product than this at such price model offering all the crucial factors.


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