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Rufus Cuff – A Complete Communicator / Smart Watch on your Wrist



Rufus Cuff

With all the wearable stuff catching people’s attention in a big way here is another interesting, and productive gadget called the Rufus Cuff which will make Communication form your wrist a reality by letting you access the Web, make Voice and Video Calls, Messaging, Email and much more. This Wrist gadget can be termed as an alternate to your Smartphone on your wrist as it does almost all functions which your Smartphone can do. In a true way, it is a Smart Watch.

Design of Rufus Cuff

It has great design with a 3-inch Screen mounted on a customizable Wrist Band which is made of body safe Silicone which is great in looks as well. It is available in 6 colours – Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and Brown. The Leather case bands are designed and produced by DODOcase. The look and Feel the bands give on your hand is very comfortable and good looking as well.

The 3-inch LED Display screen is also very good looking at the amount of space the actual Screen occupies on the panel. The borders are very thin and look very neat and trendy. There is a Camera; Microphone and Speakers neatly inbuilt into the sleek body which allows you to make Voice and video Calls with ease and style. The Body of the Rufus Cuff come in 2 colours – Black and White.

The device also comes in Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large sizes to help fit all sizes of wrists both Male and Female. Apart from being good looking and the massive screen on your wrist it is Water and dust resistant. There are LED’s built in screen to alert you in case of Notifications much like the Blackberry series.
From a design aspect, Rufus Cuff is a very great innovative design with the amount of features incorporated into this little device it is going to give good competition to all the big companies coming forward with Smart Watches.


The Screen measures 11mm x 79mm x 54mm which is of great size to work on compared to Galaxy Gear and other Smart watches from Pebble, etc. Rufus Cuff Smart watch runs on the Full version Android Kitkat OS and not the Android Wear OS.

It works with both iPhone and Obviously Android as it runs on Android Kitkat. You can use Rufus to access Siri and use voice commands to send messages, place calls and do all the search and other things that you do with your iPhone.

Rufus Cuff Colors

You can even use your Phones Internet Data connection by data tethering if your carrier plan supports it. A Camera is incorporated into the front side of the screen, the specifications and pixels of which are not yet known. It also has a LED Flash. The Rufus Cuff comes with a Wall mount Charger, Micro USB cable. You can even get customized Engraving and colour choices of Wrist Bands.

It not just acts as a Smart watch but also tracks your fitness by making a note on the Steps, Miles, Calories all day long.

  • Processor: TI ARM
  • Internal Storage: 16 GB
  • Front Facing Video camera, Microphone and Speaker
  • GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Accelerometer, Gyroscope are also available

Pricing and Release Date

Rufus Cuff as the developers are saying should be released in September 2014 with all the features mentioned above. And they have a funding program going on with certain goals with which they will be adding some additional features and giving away some in charity.

The Price of Rufus Cuff is expected to be around $325-$350 Retail, and the official Pricing has not been released but it will be somewhere around this number. It is a great device with a big screen to match to the features at offer of accessing the internet and web as you do with your smartphone. It might get a bit huge for smaller hands, so I guess you better try it out after it is released and then go for it as the pricing is not so cheap either to keep it aside.


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