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Amiigo Fitness Tracking Wrist Bracelet and Shoe Clip – A fun way to maintain fitness




Amiigo Fitness tracker is a wearable band which gives a fun way to help you set goals, achieve them, earn points and also compete with your friends making working out and exercise more fun and healthy for you as well. With Amiigo you can track various types of exercise like, reps, sets, duration of your workout, speed, and intensity.

It also tracks your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, skin temperature, overall activity level, and calories burned. All these details can be seen in Real Time be it your workout or your friends, and you can set goals and compete with your friends, this makes the workout sessions and exercise even more fun and motivates you to work out more than your friend.

How does Amiigo work?

Amiigo is a unique device which comprises of two trackers – The Wrist bracelet and the other one being the Shoe Clip, which use Gesture Recognition along with sensors and machine learning algorithms to track your workout data, they connect to your Smartphone via Bluetooth. The two devices work together to track multiple movements produced by you during your workout. And detect and identify which type of Exercise you are doing like Jogging, Curls, Cycling, Swimming, Bicep curls, Squats and many more, which the company says 100 types of exercises. The Wrist Bracelet records the Upper Body movements, and the Shoe clip records the Lower Body movements and correlate these activities with physiological information like Blood Oxygen levels, Heart Rate, breathing, etc. and give you details of the calories burnt, etc.

Amiigo App

If you want to just track your daily activity you can just wear the Wrist Bracelet without the Shoe Clip as these devices can work independently. Both the Wrist Bracelet and Shoe Clip connect with your Smart Phone using Bluetooth which the company says will not affect your Battery life and termed it as Low Energy Bluetooth.

Another important feature provided by Amiigo is that you can earn points as you work out and these points can be later redeemed to get discount on certain merchandise related to Exercise.


Amiigo DesignIt has a very trendy design with the Wrist Band and the Shoe Clip being made Micro Adjustable to fit any Size Wrist. The Shoe Clip can just slide onto any Shoe Lace and stick on to it during your workout. The Wristband and the Shoe Clip are made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane to give it a great look and also strength to bear the brunt of your daily work out sessions.
The device comes in various colors and I must say are very trendy. It is designed to look just like wrist band with nothing bulging out or popping out from the side or top and a simple plain neat design. There are two sensors on the back of the wristband towards your hand.

The designing and User Interface of the Amiigo App for iOS and Android are also pretty neat as they display Real Time data and Updates and in case of Jogging they will display Duration, Heart rate, Oxygen level in Blood, Repetition for you to access the amount of work out done, the same can be said about Swimming where you get Strokes done, Laps and Duration.
This makes the device meant to be fit for any kind of user be it at the Gym doing Weights, Cardio or any exercise or Cycling or Jogging and Water Sports like Swimming, Basketball, football, Cricket, Baseball, Tennis, Golf etc. this device can track the movements and record the data.


Material used to build is Thermoplastic Elastomers to give it a great look weighing less and strength at the same time. It has a 3-axis Accelerometer, Pulse Oximeter, temperature sensor, waterproof, Wireless charging and also has a battery life of 3 days, connects to your Smart phone using Bluetooth. The She Clip measures 29mm x 19mm x 13mm in dimensions. Having almost similar specifications as the Wrist Bracelet.

The pricing of Amiigo

It is a project being funded at Indiegogo, and the price begins from $99 and up for the color options.


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