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Acer Wearable Fitness Smartband to come in June / July 2014 – Details



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With each known and unknown brand is coming up with something in the world of wearable tech, it should be a surprise if any company isn’t doing something in that field. Acer is following the trend that is going on, and thus we might be seeing the first wearable gadget from Acer in the midst of this year. It is going to be a wearable smartband and not a watch, though, so the major target here would be the fitness freaks.

It would be a fitness band which Acer is looking to produce, and it would have most of the features which the current band in the market have got, and the compatibility with the smartphones and tablets would be there for the syncing of stats. What is being told by the sources, is that Acer is looking to partner with a hospital or fitness center so that it can offer a useful health tool which does a good job in monitoring the health of the user. The band is expected to have a small screen, just like one seen in the recent bands such as the Gear Fit from Samsung, LG Lifeband Touch but the screen size might be even smaller in the band being developed by Acer.

Acer is looking not just to sell the hardware like the other brands, but to build an ecosystem around it and bring out the right purpose from it. Thus, the tagging up with the hospitals is a priority. Acer hasn’t fixed anything about the number of wearable devices they are planning to make. But this one in the fitness tech might make an impact, and product a thought for the other brands which are busy making the wearable gadgets just because this is a hot topic right now.

The market for wearable devices is booming, and the global shipments are forecast to exceed 19 million units this year. In such a market, what is needed for more sales is more than just the physical aspect. It’s just a couple month from now, and we would get to know what Acer has planned.


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