Ritot – World's first Projection Watch with Pico Projector on your Wrist

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The smartwatch and smartband devices have come out large, and there are many new and existing designs and concepts coming up, and one such unique wristwatch is Ritot – the first projection watch. The days when first watches were the sundials projecting time on a stone depending on the position of the sun has evolved to a whole new level.

Ritot is a new generation of wristwatch that projects information onto your wrist and uses your wrist as its display making the device sleek and trendy.

ritot projection wristwatch

Design of Ritot

This device has a very neat and sleek design in spite of the fact that it has an inbuilt projected into it. There are two models namely the Bracelet and Sports versions. The bracelet version has a simple and uniform contours like an enlarged ring to fit your wrist. It is made up of original leather on an aluminium bracelet which is available in three colors – black, complete black and white.

The sports version is also sleek, and the lack of a huge display makes it perfect to workout as it has a plastic with rubber to make it feel comfortable on your wrist. The Sprot version is simple neat and is comfortable to wear and serves the purpose of a sports wristwatch. It is being made in two colors – black and white.
The colors of the projection watch can be changed with just one click to select from 20 colors. It has a unisex design to fit for both males and females.

Specifications and features

Ritot is not just stylish with a unique design but also has great features as well as it displays all your notifications from your smartphone when connected to it like incoming call, text messages, emails, facebook and twitter alerts, alarms and timer and many more. The notifications are displayed on your wrist the same way the watch is displayed which can be turned on or off, the device can be set to be vibrate on getting a notification, and the colors can be set as well.

If you want to project the time or any notification, all you have to do is either shake your hand. Or with a single touch of a button that will last for about 10 seconds and the projection automatically disappear. Both the bracelet and the sports versions are waterproof, and the company tells us the battery life is one month in standby and 150 hours in projection mode. It comes with a wireless charger which should be used to set the time, or you can change colors from here as well and it is termed as the Ritot Base, the device should be just placed on the base and it syncs and charges automatically. If you want to change the position of the device from the right to the left hand, it can be done through the base.


Pricing and Delivery

The pricing of Ritot wristwatch is one ritot watch comes for $120, for two – $200, three watches – $285, five ritot watches – $450, ten ritot watches – $800 and the shipping is free worldwide which is very helpful. The production and the delivery dates are not yet finalized. The retail pricing after its release will be higher than what it is now.

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    Hi there.. i’ve interested in buying the watch, do i have to pay all the amount for the PO or just DP? Can i get the detail on how to purchase this item? Btw it is free for the shipping to indonesia? Thx

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  • Jarom

    Just thought I should point out – the Ritot watch has been proven to be a scam. I’m not sure why Indiegogo hasn’t removed it yet. Perhaps they just stand to gain too much from this scam to shut it down? IGG has done this before. I think they need to be held accountable for knowingly allowing scams on their website.

    The technology itself may not be possible at this time and there are no prototypes. Even if the Ritot team can make it work, however, the price will be significantly higher than they have sold it for. The DLP3000 pico projector and it’s controller alone (two components the Ritot team claimed they will be using in the watch) would cost more per watch AT BULK PRICING than the individual Ritot watches are sold for. That’s not even accounting for all the other electronics, batteries, etc. the watch will require. If it can be done, it will cost at least $200-$300 just to manufature. More if they want to make a profit.

    So this $120 Ritot mart projector watch simply will not happen. Not as advertised, at any rate.

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