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Ringing Bells bought Adcom Phone at Rs 3600, to sell at Rs 251 Legal Action against the Scam



The Freedom 251 Smartphone from Ringing Bells could be the worst thing happened to India, the country which is yet to adapt completely to the Digital world it lives in. For the past two weeks and so, this word “Freedom 251” is in everybody’s mouth. Everyone wants to know when they can order this handset, is it a Make in India product, how are they offering a smartphone at such mere pricing. These are a few questions that have been popping up in most of our minds, and a strong debate has been going on about it. But the latest statement by Adcom, the company whose handset was rebranded as the cheapest smartphone, official might have just confirmed that it is purely a fraud scheme.

Today in a press release, ADCOM (Advantage Computers) Founder & Chairman, Sanjeev Bhatia, finally takes his stand against misusing their smartphone, Ikon 4 as Freedom 251 at the launch event hosted in New Delhi on February 17, as well as distributing the relabeled Adcom handset. The smartphone that Mr Bhatia says was sold to Ringing Bells at Rs 3600 per unit. He states that he had no idea whatsoever that the company they are selling to would misuse it like this. Potentially the biggest scam of the millennium, a smartphone priced at 251, isn’t actually their own or a Make In India product as Noida-based Ringing Bell touting to be.

[quote align=’right’] 11 Promises by Ringing Bells [/quote]

This young smartphone company run by Mr Ashok Chadha, Chairman and Mr Mohit Goel, the Managing Director looks like is fated to fall sooner. With issue arising every day for the company, like case by telecom authority, IT & Excise department and a lot of public complaints is enough to make them admit whether they’re really going to offer anything or were just planning to run away with their customers money.

ADCOM Statement - Press Release

Even if they’re not planning to scam the people of India, providing false promises of delivery won’t make them any saint. As company failed to deliver their first smartphone, the Smart 101, which was touted as the cheapest 4G smartphone at Rs 2,999. If a company has failed to offer the device at that price, don’t it makes all of us wonder how they would offer a smartphone at Rs 251 while it costs around Rs 2500 to make the smartphone with such specifications like Freedom 251.

Adcom, a New Delhi-based firm, which was established in 2001 may not be a very well know brand in the country. But is doing well in the business and as they have a range of legit products and claims on e-commerce websites that they deliver the products to their customers, unlike, Ringing Bells. Thus, the Chairman, Mr Bhatia, would be taking a legal action against this alleged fraud company if so ever their brand faces any subsequent losses due to them.

Beware before Ordering Ringing Bells Smart 101 or Freedom 251 Smart Phone


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