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How to Restore Deleted Photos & Videos on Android with Recycle Bin Tool



Dumpster App - Recycle Bin for Android

Deleting the important files, we all have done that one common mistake while using a computer. While there is, recycle bin to restore them on a PC, although, coming to the smartphones there is nothing like recycle bin to restore the files that we accidentally deleted. You needn’t worry anymore; there is an app called “Dumpster” available to download from the Google Play Store, which would be your life savior. The idea behind this app is same, it works as the recycle bin and trash that is found on the Windows and Mac OS respectively.

If you’ve come looking for restoring your already deleted files, then it, unfortunately, doesn’t help you do that. As the app required to be installed on your device, and during that if you delete any data, then it can surely restore that back. Once you’ve installed the app, we can restore everything like apps, images, videos, audio, documents and other files (supported formats like zip, rar). Follow these steps to make it work on your Android Smartphone.

  • First, install the app and open it to accept the agreement
  • In the next screen, check-in the fields you want dumpster to save and click “Next”.
  • Now it will analyse the data you selected to save.
  • It’s all done; you have a recycle bin on your Android Smartphone. Enjoy, restoring!

To restore or delete the data permanently, you have to open the app and select the files that are specified by the folders. Then, we can restore or delete them by choosing the options at the bottom. If you want all the data to be removed at once, you can go to the menu and select “Empty Dumpster” option at the top.

After using it for some time, we came to understand that there are some bugs in the app that are to be updated. Firstly, the app should be running in the background to collect the data. The data we move or copy will also appear in the app to restore. However having something is better than having nothing, which will be useful when the data got deleted accidentally. Right!

Download: Google Play Store


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