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Tour of Reliance Jio Experience Center – The Birthplace of Digital Ecosystem in India



Jio Experience Center Mumbai

The team from Reliance had invited us to the Jio Experience Center which is located at the Reliance Corporate Park in Mumbai. The tour was around the technology advancements that Jio is focusing on, giving us an idea of what consumers can expect from this Multi-Billion Dollar Start-up. The $20 Billion startup from Mukesh Ambani has been in the news from more than a year for all the right reasons including the most interesting story where it was quoted that the Richest Man in India brings Free 4G to One Billion People. If you have never heard much about Jio earlier, you need to take a look at the launch that happened earlier where Mukesh Ambani the chairman of RIL had announced Free 4G Data & Voice Calls to all their subscribers till the end of 2016. Following this, the users will have to opt for the different plans that begin at Rs 19 onwards.

Do make a note that we were not allowed to capture any photos or videos during this trip hence do not expect that but we will be updating the story based on the information whenever we receive from the Jio Team. The idea was to showcase us all the offering of the Jio suite of products and services and give the experience of Jio Digital Life to visitors. Reliance Jio has been trying to portray that:

  1. Jio is more than just another telecom company
  2. Jio is an entirely new digital ecosystem that will usher in digital life

The Complete Experience Center had 24 components Known as ‘Pods’ or centers of experience, that have been divided into 11 clusters. Let us dive into the most important ones of those

The first cluster showcased how someone can quickly onboard to Jio beginning with Aadhaar-based eKYC that cuts the time taken to get a SIM Packet since the Aadhaar card is scanned within a minute with a softbox and with the help of different QR codes on the form, there is time saved since its scanned right away also ensuring that the data is error-free. All the details are peeled off the SIM packet and pasted on the form to ensure zero error. Following this 1977 number for Interactive voice response (IVR) based verification for quicker activation.

The next section is SwitchToJio which is an application that transfers data from one phone to the other which is manually done at retailer’s end, and the process involves the transfer of existing data from phone to computer, then from computer to the new phone. This task involves a few risks like Loss of data, Privacy of data compromised while the SwitchToJio app makes it foolproof when Both devices get connected to SwitchToJio that’s downloaded on both devices. The Device creates a hotspot and gives a link following which Both phones get connected through the hotspot. Click ‘Send’ on an old phone and ‘Receive’ on a new phone. The Application is Valid for

  1. Android to Android
  2. Android to iOS
  3. iOS to Android
  4. iOS to iOS

All the information like contacts, pictures, videos, call logs, reminders, messages, music, and calendars can be transferred within a matter of few minutes. Following this, the team had demonstrated different core applications that were some utility-related apps like “Net Velocity” (that’s an advanced version of the Speed Test Application). Through this application, users could send their feedback when the speeds are slow or inconsistent, and the team could try to fix the issues based on the location shared by the user.

LYF Jio Mumbai Headquarters

Upcoming Technologies: Few of the services and upcoming technology that we had experienced at the JEC were the JioFiber 1Gbps Connection that was showcased on the 4K Televisions. The Smart Home concept section showcased a series of different implementations that we could expect in the future where you could connect your TV with Speakers, Smart Cameras, Gas Leak Sensors, Chime or any Smart IOT based device. The best part of this is the high-speed connectivity that’s affordable ensuring that the masses could enjoy the suite of applications and the services JIO is going to offer shortly.

There were also demonstrations shown on how you could do a Native Video Call from a VoLTE supported device along with the in-call switch to a Conference call. This is a fantastic implementation though it is accepted that there are frequent call drops that are expected to go down by time slowly. We would be covering separate stories that will be giving you insights on how to make these type of calls or even how you could use the JIO services on a 2G, 3G Smartphone that has no 4G, no LTE, no VoLTE.

Another interesting app showcased was JIO Money that is already live & available to signup where once you signup you get access to different offers available on Reliance Digital & nearby locations. Again you can also avail offers through their collaborated stores, and the concept is similar to Paytm, but the icing on the cake is the option to withdraw cash from a nearby Kirana store by transferring money to his JioMoney Account. Another way of looking at this is that your nearby store now becomes an ATM for you where not just you could shop but also withdraw some cash. The application also allows you to use the “Tap and Go” feature at the Metro stations without the need to pay money at the counters.

Reliance Jio Car Connect OdbMost Interesting Cluster: Experience how an ordinary car can transform into a smart car. With a small OBD device that is plugged into the port, it can act like a JioFi, with a hotspot for ten devices. After 2013, all cars have an OBD (on board diagnostics) port that captures all information about the car, from battery and fuel to brake oil and mileage. You can use the JioCarConnect App on your device to recognize driver pattern along with functions like Remote location tracker, lock-unlock, power windows, headlight on-off and so on. A ‘fencing’ option allows tracking speeds and distances, can alert if the car goes beyond a fixed area. You can also check out Tech-BHP’s extensive coverage around this product where one of their readers had visited the same experience center & posted photos of the application & the connected car.

There are a few more clusters & sections showcased that we would be detailing in a detailed story in the coming days.

Note: Jio had sponsored the trip to Mumbai & invited us to their Experience Center. The content published above has no influence from the brand & is not sponsored.


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