Reliance Jio Fiber 1Gbps Broadband Service Plans revealed starts at Rs 500 onwards

by Vishal Toshiwal 22

Reliance Jio, the Telecom venture of the Mukesh Ambani is currently the talk of the town as people are heading to Reliance Digital Stores to get JIO SIM Cards and enjoy the benefits of JIO Welcome Offer, where unlimited free 4G data and voice calls are offered. Now the news is coming in about company’s FTTH Broadband plans.

The new 1 Gbps fiber internet connection to home is being touted as the most fastest broadband connection in the country. At Annual General Meeting, Chairman Mr Ambani announce that the FTTH services would be provided to top 100 cities in the country. Starting with select cities such as Mumbai and Delhi.

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Earlier we reported about Reliance offering FTTH connections for free for three months with 100 Mbps speed. As a user posted what appears to be Jio’s GigeFiber connection and router. Now new reports are popping up online stating that JIO Fiber Broadband is now open for public testing as it welcomes users to subscribe to their broadband under GigaFiber Welcome Offer. Yes, that’s the term used.

This new GigaFiber broadband is Fiber to the Home service, which uses fiber optic technology to establish a high-speed connection. It would be provided to home and business subscribers. According to the source, the plans for Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband starts as low as Rs 500 for monthly plan.



The service from JIO is all set to be opened for all in coming days as the company finishes up with testing phase. The company is going to announce the tariff plans for its broadband service just as they did with 4G services. Though, we don’t expect another grand announcement as the AGM to wait for this revelation.

The Fiber plans would be of three types: Silver, Gold and Platinum. while the base price range starts at just Rs 500, there would be a range of plans based on different types of speed and data cap volume. Do make a note that company would be offering 100GB of data free under the base plan. As for first 90 days, free data and access to Jio premium apps such as JioTV, JioCinema, JioBeats, etc. would be provided.

You can see in the table the plans for the Jio Fiber Broadband. We recommend that you take this information with a grain of salt as there is no official confirmation of the plans from Reliance Jio itself. Though, you can get an idea how they would be priced from the table.


*Usage of 72 Hours

As the company expand its service to public and other cities, people interested in Fiber plans would be easily able to sign up for Jio Fiber via online or from the nearest Jio Store. There would be a Jio Fiber-compatible router provided with a price tag of below Rs 6000. Subscribers would need to pay that as a one-time charge for the router, as no additional charge would be levied on users under Jio Fiber Preview Offer.

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  • By the time it reaches to other parts of the country there won’t be any time to avail thr free offer! However the offers seem good, value for money! Let’s hope for better!

  • Robin Ghai

    Jio has really gone insane!! Good for Mango people like me though!!

  • Robin George


  • Dhaval Pancholi

    Sadly no information about which cities are included, and how to avail it

    It will again become something similar to Jio 4G, where still many couldnt manage to get their hands on the connection

    Especially for smaller cities, where mostly the digital store staff is not away of things

  • Chirag Thakkar

    If these are the plans then I am not changing…I am already having 700 Rs/- monthly plan with 100 GB FUP at 25 MBPS and post that 2MBPS unlimited. My average usage is around 60-70 GB…plus my speeds litteraly touch about 22-23 mbps always

    • Shazzam

      It is really a ridiculous reply from your side. Reason? You do not mention your location, ISP name, and plan name 🙂

      • emmanuel leorn

        @Shazzam , bcos there is no such ISP , Chirag Thakkur is just fooling around !!!!

    • poocho_poocho

      well….its for people stuck with bsnl who charge 999 for 4mbps with a 10 gb FUP!! imagine!

    • dme

      can you mention your ISP name and plan name : )

    • ViPGuY

      @Chirag Thakkar ….come on buddy tell everyone your ISP name, which plan you have and in which city and state. As your comment seems like a dream n hence far from reality.

    • emmanuel leorn

      @chirag Thakkur What ISP is giving u 100 GB FUP with 25 mbps speed and post fup 2 mbps and that too for a rental of 700 , Buddy there is no such ISP that offers such a Deal , Raajnet has 2 mbps unlimited for 699 rental and Reliance broadnet offers same plan for same rental !!!! Stop fooling Around by giving Misrepresenting facts !!!!

    • Anil Vijay

      which network you’re using

  • Quintumnia

    First it was Mobile companies, next is turn of DTH companies.

    Along wirh Gigafiber, Jio will launch IPTV service (believe me it’s awesome, you will never watch live TV again) in HD and 4K.

    These DTH companies really s-ucked the common man. People are paying Rs. 500 per TV and end up watching only Advt. most of the time.

    Now Jio will kick these DTH incumbents right in the balls.

  • Vishal Giri

    first sim card market and now broadband ” ye Mukesh to sabki baja raha hai” !!

  • chiragkapuriya


  • zerosleeping

    These plans do not make sense. Looks like its all hype game, just like 80rupees 1GB 4G data. 😛

  • rick

    hahaha…wow….alliance or pmpl ko jane ka time hogaya..:D jio jindabad…

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