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Diet and Recipe Apps Windows Phone

Smartphones and technology has made people lazier, and you would accept this fact. But developers are doing enough to make users understand about the drawbacks, by proving some useful apps that help understand it. While we love munching food sitting in our couch for long, we can at least take advantage of the apps provided for the smartphones, that help us be selective with the food that we eat.

For Windows Phone users, here is a list of the best apps for diet recipes, and some calorie counters as well, so you know how many calories you might need to burn when munching down something delicious.

Calories Pro app for Windows PhoneCalories PRO!

This app has a product base of over 2200 products where the calorie and other nutrient count is shown, and they are well categorized for easy searching. The user can also compose a meal and calculate about the diet and calories. The app has all the data available offline, thus whenever you are calculating, it doesn’t need an Internet connection.

Diet and Health

The Diet and Health app comes with a menu having options like “loose weight”, “gain weight”, blood group diet, detox diet, protein diet and fruit diet. Tapping one takes you into further details on how to exercise that diet. It doesn’t do any great help if you are looking at calories for food you eat, but has enough to give you basic knowledge of how to be on a particular diet to loose or gain weight.

Allrecipes App for Windows PhoneAllrecipes

If you are into cooking, you already might know about Allrecipes. One of the largest and best websites for recipe finding, it has several categories and the search function makes it easier to filter the recipes based on the need. The Diet recipes can be easily searched, and the recipe has tabs for overview, ingredients, directions and nutrition per serving. If you are very much conscious about the taste, there are user reviews to let you know if the recipe comes out good.

Flat Belly Diet

The Flat Belly Diet app has more of exercise for a healthy body and flat belly, than just about food. In fact, this is useful because just reducing or altering what you eat doesn’t change everything. There’s a schedule for each day where you can check for the exercises and also for the food to eat to keep the belly in a good shape.

Fat burning foods app for Windows PhoneFat Burning Foods

This is a little app with not so much information, but enough for those who want straight and direct list of foods to eat for a particular purpose. There are a lot of hidden fat-storing ingredients in foods that unnoticeably make it a heavy diet by the end of the day. The app has quite some info about foods that help reduce fat.

Fast Food Recipes

While this won’t really help for fitness and health, it does help you find some of the recipes making the food similar to what you see at some famous food joints. But on the other side, we’ve seen some of the recipes doing good on the health side.

Whats on my Plate App for Windows PhoneWhat’s on my plate

The nutrient information of every meal is shown in this app, and this isn’t limited to only entering the name of the dish, but the users can also capture pictures and add details of the food including the ingredients, to get the information about the amount of calories being taken.

Reduce Fat

This is one very useful application, that gives the user an understanding about the fatty foods, and tips to reduce fat if you have it already. There are videos linked for quick tips on losing fat, and a diet plan helps the user choose and eat what is important to keep a healthy body, and reduce fat in the body.


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