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Best Cabs and Taxi Apps for Windows Phone



In this smartphone era, to book a taxi or a cab is done with the tap of your finger. Not a lot many cab service providers make their apps available for Windows Phone, but the majority of the popular apps are available in the windows phone app store. Except the major cities, these apps cannot provide services in the other areas. The fares of these cabs are pretty much low when compared to the normal taxi fares. Here are the best cabs and taxi apps for Windows Phone, not all the services will be available at all locations, so, look out for your locations from the apps.


Uber Windows Phone App

Uber launched the Windows Phone app in July 2014 and company now provides its services in over 150 cities across the globe. The app has pretty much simple UI, and your current location is automatically shown by using GPS. You must add the payment mode while registering. The information of the driver and car will be shown after the cab is booked. You can get the estimate fair price but not the exact fare, most of the time it doesn’t cost more than the estimated fare. The fare will notify on your device after completing your trip. Uber in India is testing payment in cash paid directly to the drivers. You can rate the ride after reaching your destination, and the driver will give ratings to their customers.

Platform: Windows

Price: Free

Easy Taxi WP

Easy Taxi Windows Phone App

The Easy Taxi is available in 30 countries and more than 170 cities. The users required to register before using their services. You can add your credit card details to the wallet, and the payments can be made automatically without adding the details all the time. It also accepts the payments made through cash and vouchers. Tap on the ‘Call Taxi’ after confirming your pick up location and destination. The app has very easy-to-use UI. The Easy Taxi services are available from South America, Africa, South-east Asia and few other countries.

Platform: Windows

Price: Free


Kabbee Windows Phone App

Kabbee offers it services only in London, and they provide the best-suited minicab based on your needs. It has the largest fleet in London. After adding your pickup and destination, you get the details of the cars showing the fare. Sliding the tabs give you best options based on the closest, cheapest and best-rated services. Users can select the payment to the driver, or you can also pay it through your debit card (with extra charges). It offers users to book a ride at a selected time and date.

Platform: Windows

Price: Free


Ola Cabs Windows Phone App

Ola cabs operate only in India, and it has its network spread over across 65 cities. Along with the cabs, it also offers auto-rickshaws. Opening the app, it shows the current location of the user. The user can select the cab from different models like Mini, Sedan, and Prime. The app offers ride later feature, where we can schedule a pickup at a certain time and date. If anything goes wrong, the information will be sent to the emergency contacts added by the user. For auto rickshaws, the payment should be made to the drivers only.

Platform: Windows

Price: Free

Meru Cabs

Meru Cabs Windows Phone Apps

The app operates only in India and that too only in the ten major cities. It shows the pickup location based on your current location. For simplifying the process, you can add an address for the labels – Home and Work. Recently the app had updated with credit card payment until then users need to pay directly in cash. Users can track the booked cabs instantly.

Platform: Windows

Price: Free

Addison Lee

Addison Lee Windows Phone App

Through Addison Lee, you can book your airport journey in 3 months advance, and it gives you the exact fare even before pickup, but it operates only in London. Enter the pick-up and destinations to move to the next tab, where you will get the fare based on the number of people travelling. You can track the driver’s arrival on live and can also book a cab through phone and the web. The user can give rating for the driver. Addison Lee also offers a reward program for the frequent travellers.

Platform: Windows

Price: Free

These are some of the best cabs and taxi apps that you can find in the Google Play Store covering most of the international cities. If you’d like to add any apps to list, head over to our forums section and start a discussion. We would love to see some feedback on this. Meanwhile, we would be updating the list as we found any interesting apps that fit the profile here.

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