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How To Quickly Remove the Prisma App Logo Watermark when Sharing Photos



After Pokémon Go, it is now time for Prisma. The app which was exclusively launched for iOS is now available for Android also, and people can’t stop posting pictures. With more than over 400 million pictures being edit and over 10.6 million installs on the iOS, it is standing as the most popular editing application currently. This app doesn’t apply a filter on images the way that others does but instead rebuilds your photos by combining them with the style of another image using some smart AI.

Developers say that both the versions are identical, and there are no significant differences in features, etc. According to them, the app will also be getting an update with the support for videos and 360-degree photo support. However, no exact time frame was mentioned for this update.But the most annoying fact about the pictures fro the app is the Watermark Logo at the bottom of the image. Many users have reported that it takes away from the beauty of the picture and others feel that people don’t want others to know which app they are using to keep it as a secret. Well, if you didn’t already know, you can take off that watermark from your image.

Here’s how to get rid of it in 3 easy steps –

  • When you are on the main screen, from where you take the photo, click the settings icon.
  • Uncheck the Add Watermark setting.
  • Press the back key again to return to the main screen.

That’s it; you are good to go now. Your images won’t be having the big stamp of Prisma in each and every image you edit. If you haven’t installed the app already, then click here to download the Prisma app & install it on your Android powered smartphone now and enjoy it to it’s fullest potential. Stay tuned for more detailed information like this.


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