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Pokemon Go App stops working in India with Locations, Gyms, Pokestops Missing



The popular AR based game Pokémon Go is slowly making its way into different countries, but it is not stopping users from downloading the APK and play it ahead of the launch. Same was the case in India like many other countries. But now it looks like people have to wait for the official launch to continue the gameplay. Yesterday various reports claimed that the game is not working in select cities in India. All the Pokémons, Gyms & poke stops, etc. vanished from the game, and only the map and Player was shown with nothing else to do in the game.

Upon checking this issue, it was confirmed that the game was not working in select cities in the country like Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Kerala, Mumbai & Hyderabad. But at the same time, many Redditors responded that it was working fine in other cities like Chandigarh, Pune, and Delhi. It is still unclear as to why this step was taken by the developers. A similar issue was faced in Japan as well ahead of its official launch there.

Also according to a separate thread titled “Pokémon Go Release Status – Asia” it was reported that India was also added to the server list. This might hint towards an official launch in the country. However, it is still no confirmed, and these are speculations. Pokémon Go has already been launched in 36 countries including Japan, Australia, U.K and the U.S., while most regions are still waiting for the release.

The majority of users have installed the game in India using an APK File or other methods to install, but most of them are still waiting for the official launch to be safe from any kind of risk involved. While the official launch date is unclear, people are getting more anxious to play the game as many of them are stuck with their progress in the game due to this step was taken by the developer. But let’s hope that we got the developer’s attention, and they will soon work on its official launch here. Stay tuned for more info on this.


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