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Pokemon Go Game is now officially launched in Hong Kong, no details about India Launch



Pokémon Go the Augmented reality game, which has taken over the world is all set to arrive in different parts of the world now. If you didn’t know already, then the game has not been completely released in Asia yet. Pokémon fans in these countries have been waiting for this release eagerly. But yes, most of the people are already playing it using APK but still, the majority are still waiting for the official release as there are still some server issues, etc.

The developer had recently rolled out the app in Japan and starting today, it will also be officially available in Hong Kong. As of now, there is no information when the game will be available in India. On July 13, the game was released in Germany, officially the country to receive the game. Reddit users have formed a thread titled “Pokemon Go Release Status – Asia” to help track “Pokemon Go” release and availability in Asia. According to the moderators, they are updating the thread on an hourly basis with the support of the Asia community page.

According to a Reddit user, the list of countries where the game may not be launched officially is China, Korea, Taiwan, Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, and Sudan, etc. The app launched in the US, Australia, and New Zealand last week, but user across the world are still playing the game through APKs available all over the internet. Also according to WSJ, the game will launch in Europe and Asia in a few days. However, there is no official comment on this timeframe.

Android users can download the APK directly onto their devices, while iPhone owners have been able to get their hands on the the game by creating a new Apple ID that uses a US, Australian, or New Zealand region. Fans’ keenness to play is having a damaging effect, though, with various malware-infected clones of the app popping up on the web and infecting users’ smartphones.

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Meanwhile, Nintendo itself is doing just about fine from all the hype about the game. The company’s stock price surged up to 25 percent in the last couple of days. We can hope that the enthusiasm will translate into better support for the game. If you want to download the game for Android, then check out the above link. Stay safe from all the other infected sites claiming to provide the APK. Once we have any update on the release date, we will update the thread accordingly.

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