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Qualcomm Toq – SmartWatch with Mirasol Display, Android Compatible



The Qualcomm Toq is something one would have always imagined for, when they thought of having a wrist watch with some smart features. Although not being a consumer electronics brand, but more of an internal hardware provider, Qualcomm has managed to make something that the other actual electronic brands haven’t been able to.

Qualcomm Toq Charging

Having the IMOD, Mirasol-based display that works on microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors, the Qualcomm Toq smartwatch has a lot to help the users in making the life easier. And in contrast to the other smart gadgets, wrist watches that are available with the smart features and a touchscreen, the Mirasol is quite advantageous for having a very low consumption of power when compared to the LCD or OLED displays which are currently used by the companies.

Qualcomm Toq Qualcomm could have some other intentions in showing off the Mirasol display in a smart watch, just to prove a point, but nevertheless, that is beneficial for users in a way. Another advantage of the Mirasol display from Qualcomm, is that it takes advantage of the light around so that one can easily read the screen even under the bright sunlight. Just like most of the other smart watches in the current age, the Qualcomm Toq would do all the functions like viewing text messages, accepting or rejecting phone calls, reminders of meetings, etc.

There’s a hub of icons that would make it easier for the users to check about the daily happenings, and without always having to turn the screen of the smartphone on, the user may check out the same notifications on the wrist. Qualcomm has even considered including the headsets along with the smartwatch, so that the music in the smartphone is controlled by the watch, and you can hear it wirelessly using the headsets.

The actual tests of the Toq on a full charge showed that it could survive on a single charge for one full week. Bluetooth Low Energy (or Bluetooth Smart) couldn’t be used by Qualcomm because it would limit the compatibility with the Android smartphones because that feature doesn’t work with the smartphones having lower than Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS.

Features & Functions in Qualcomm Toq

  • Clock faces – The user would be able to select from the various clock faces, and that shows different options such as the digital and analog clock views, and some with the date, temperature and even the stock exchange rates graph.
  • Icon Styles – There would be different icon styles for the users to select from, based on the mood, personality, etc.
  • Communications Hub – In this, there would be options to make a voice call on the smartphone or the Bluetooth headset, send text messages, view the recent log and message log.
  • Calendar – Syncing the multiple calendars from the smartphones, and listing out the events.
  • Music Control – The music playing in the smartphone can be controlled by using the To, and that can be extended to doubleTwist with Magic Radio Android app.
  • Stock Market – TRADE app syncs and shows the favorite stocks and their trends.
  • Weather – This is just like for most of the smart watches, provided by AccuWeather
  • Notifications – Messages, Emails and News notifications from the smartphones
  • Status – Status of the phone and watch connection, with a battery level and the alert to find the phone

There are a few settings to play around with, where mostly it’s the connectivity options which you can get.

Qualcomm Toq Icons

The early testers did complain a bit about the interface of the Qualcomm Toq, where the sensitivity of the tapping for activating the screen is under the question. And piling up of the notifications without the option to wash them at once is sometimes annoying for the users who aren’t interested in swiping each of it.

Pricing again, could be an issue for the users who are not much into the wearable tech, and a $349 price tag should be a bit heavy for their pockets. As it is still very new into the world with no much developments, we could see a bright future for it, but for now, nothing wrong when you are easily able to keep the smartwatch connected to a smartphone for an entire week without needing to charge it frequently.


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