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Kiwi Move – Wearable Device with Step Counting, Multi-sensor & Personalization



The Toronto-based startup Kiwi Wearable Tech has made a new wearable device, the Kiwi Move with just more than a single function which many other wearable devices come with. According to the team, the Kiwi Move is a hardware device as well as a cloud-based platform for syncing data and recording every move, activity and the timing of the user.

Kiwi Move Device

The device comes with the different apps with the function: When. Do. – enables a user to set easily up and share “When/Do” recipes to seamlessly automate activities in their daily lives. There are five different apps which would do the loads of functions around with a single device.

  • Kiwi Move – Count steps; stairs climbed and track your activity. Use it at the gym, on the basketball court or soccer field.
  • Kiwi Insights: Gain insights into your lifestyle and behaviour by correlating your motion data with your daily activities.
  • Kiwi Gesture: Use the built-in gestures, or create your own. Use motion gestures to speak to the internet or control your home appliances.
  • Kiwi Sound: Speak to your wearable. Use the microphone as an input to take voice notes, track your diet and identify your favourite songs.
  • Kiwi Lock: Use your Kiwi Move to secure and locate your valuables.

Kiwi Move
These are all the built-in apps in the device, and the Kiwi Move is just 9mm in thickness, thin enough to be placed anywhere – even under the collar. It is powered by an ARM Cortex M4 chipset, and the connectivity options are the low-energy Bluetooth, Wireless-B/G. There’s a LED display whose RGB combinations can be controlled, and what makes this one a very useful device is these sensors included –

  • accelerometer 16G
  • gyroscope 2000 deg/sec
  • magnetometer +/- 1 degree
  • barometer +/- 2ft
  • thermometer +/- 0.5 deg C

Although we have found only this, the makers don’t think this is enough. They are working on the ways there could be early alerts for the health problems, and even the early detection of heart attacks by checking for the various warning signs from time to time. We cannot be sure how this would turn into reality when the Kiwi Move will launch.

It has got the compatibility with both Android and iOS devices, and we will have to wait to see this shipped, because the pre-ordering is going on right now, and the expected shipping time is July 2014.

The best part – $99.00 pricing which is a promotional price and that’s quite less when compared to the other devices for the features included.


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