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This Prisma Video Demo highlights the Apps Animation Capabilities, coming soon



The latest photo editing app, Prisma is now available for both iOS and Android users. With the popularity of the app, the servers also went over capacity and many of the users have experienced delays. Unlike normal apps, the editing of the images is done on the server side, so it takes much more time than applying filters on Instagram. The developer also announced to bring the 360-degree photo and video support with the coming updates.

The recent updates also brought the ‘Save’ button to instantly save the edited image. Though we don’t have any idea how the Prisma edited 360-degree photo looks like but below is the video sample which looks amazing. Once the video feature is released, we can turn a regular video into an animated video in a couple of minutes. In the below video, we can see how the Prisma video looks different from a normal video.

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While there are changes in the video, the audio remains same. Unlike a single photo, a video takes much more space on servers and the costs goes high for the company. As there are no ads on the Prisma app, we expect the video and 360-degree photo features to made premium while the photos feature will be available to all. As of now, there is no exact availability date of these new features. (Stay tuned on Phoneradar for an update!)

Amazing work! via @junk_e_cat and #Prisma #prismavideo #fingerdrumming #rooftop

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Video which is generally a series of photos that are played in high speed and those frames if split can be edited manually. To give a test of this we went ahead creating a video from all the photos that were manually passed through the Prisma App using the Dreams filter. It did take a good amount of time considering that the app uploads each photo back to their server and sends back the edited version, the final timelapse kind of video does look great demonstrating how the final video would look like.

Here's a #PrismaVideo made with the #Prisma App. Check for more details

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Based on the above video are you interested in the video app? If yes how much do you think you would spend to get this feature to convert all your videos.


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