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Aadhaar Card Linked Smartphones proposed to receive all Government services



Smartphones are an ultimate tool, which we use every day for various different tasks. But there are still many things which are not practically possible and we wish it could do that. On the same lines today, Unique Identity Authentication Authority of India announced something that would make our lives much easier. According to them, your smartphone will become a one-stop instrument for instant identity authentication that will allow you to receive all government services that work on the Aadhaar platform.

Yes, a meeting happened on Wednesday between the CEO of UIDAI and a bunch of executives from different smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, etc. for the implementation of the same. They discussed upon ways to make mobile phones Aadhaar enabled. So according to this idea, chips of Aadhaar-enabled smartphones will be encrypted with a UIDAI key. And these phones will be connected to the Aadhaar servers. So ideally, the key here is to prevent information leakage. Also, these server connections will allow instant fingerprint and iris authentication.

Well, if implemented successfully, then this might be a game changing feature. With this, the smartphones might become the identity of a person and let him do more transactions on the phone in a secure manner. Also, this is the first time something like this will be implemented in the world. According to UIDAI, the biometric information can get encrypted at the chip level in the smartphones, which will make it impossible for anyone to see the information.

As of now, Samsung is the only manufacturer, have already embedded Aadhaar-friendly technology in one of its handsets. The Galaxy Tab Irislaunched previously, features an Iris scanner which streamlines an individual’s authentication process by enabling him/her to scan and unlock the device or authenticate. Other companies like Microsoft, Apple, etc. have refused to comment on this as of now. So let’s wait and see how the companies respond to this and where this project goes over time. Stay tuned for more information on this.


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