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$11 Million worth Facebook Assets Freezed in Brazil over WhatsApp Data Dispute



Today in brazil a court has frozen $11 million worth assets that belonged to Facebook because the giant could not provide the data on users around the WhatsApp application. Facebook had earlier declined offering this information that was requested under criminal investigation. The fine is imposed after receiving no information from Facebook.

Earlier May 2nd: Facebook-owned WhatsApp is facing three days ban in Brazil after its parent company had refused to co-operate with the police over criminal investigations. This is not the first time we are listening about the WhatsApp ban in Brasil; it was blocked in December last year for 48 hours over the same issue. For the telecom companies who aren’t blocking the app may face a huge penalty of $1,43,000 per day.

Since almost half of Brazilian use WhatsApp as an alternative for messaging and VoIP calls. This could also effect most of the services who rely on WhatsApp. The recently added end-to-end encryption features is an additional problem for local authorities over tracing the illegal activities on WhatsApp. Even though the ban is implemented, there are few ways to access any internet services.

These days many services getting blocked & we have already seen many instances of the same. Whenever there is a need, we have seen governments have acted upon this and blocked access to the Internet or selected services. In today’s case we are seeing reports of the WhatsApp service being blocked, that we can easily access if accessing from a separate location.

In short we are referring to the VPN services. These are the same services we have been recommending you to use when you visit countries like China, where all the Google based services are blocked. We have already tested this service that has been one of the most reliable ones, offering you with a very fast connectivity in the times of blockages.

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Technically these services just route the Internet through a different location or a country’s IP address, fooling the service that you are accessing from a new location. Indirectly after this you can easily access your blocked whatsapp account and get back to business.

You cant opt for a free VPN service like in the beginning and if you wish you need more speed or use on multiple devices then you can upgrade to a paid service. Do make a note that you can also make the Voice Calls in Brazil once these VPN applications are running in the background. Give a try, who knows you end up also accessing the WhatsApp Video Call feature on your phone.


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