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Best Low Price Third Party Apple Watch Bands & Straps



Casetify - Apple Watch

The Apple Watch isn’t going to go on sale for about month or so, but already there are couple of third-party options that are on the verge of getting available to whoever purchases the Apple Watch on April 24th. While Apple doesn’t give room to complain about no personalization to its first smartwatch, which was the case with many big brands, as company offers up to 20 different models based on size (38 & 42 mm), as well as different kinds of bands ranging from, sport, steel, and rubber, offering different kinds of styles like bracelet, buckle, loop, etc.

But the question arises here, whether you should get that personalization from Apple or trust third party manufacturers. As the Apple is offering it for a very high price tag, ranging from $349 starting price to $17000. The wearable market is ever growing all thanks to websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, which provides a platform to startups to get funding for their products and ship it to its backers. The wearables market is one of the industries that has taken more advantage out of this platform than any other. Going back to the talk of Apple Watch, the point that we wanted to focus is that these platforms have once again been chosen by various organization to provide a viable alternative bands at most affordable price point. This time they have chosen Apple Watch.

We list those third party manufacturers and what they have to offer as alternative bands and straps for Apple Watch.

1. Monowear


Monowear wants to offer “A band for every occasion”, well at least that’s their tagline. Company promises that their bands will be affordable, one that would cost as low as $65 allowing you to keep an open mind of getting more than one. They offer bands ranging from metal link, metal mesh, and leather bands, suiting the occasion. There would be multiple color options available to backers. Company states that they are also working hard to made these as lightweight as possible and water resistant too, eventually suiting in active occasions.

2. Click

Click - Watchband Adapter

This is not an exactly a band or strap, but rather a way to use any other band (not according to dimensions to Apple Watch) on the Apple Watch. Yes, you read that write. Click, is a watchband adapter for Apple Watch, which would make this personal device a little more personal to you. As it paves a way to use any other straps from the market, which was not originally meant for Apple Watch. Once, Click is attached to the Apple Watch you would be able to use any standard 24mm watch band. Now that is a cool thing to do. So, if you are interested, you can sign up for the newsletter, to receive information about its launch on Kickstarter.

3. Reserve Strap

Reserve Strap

The Reserve Strap team has a unique perspective to sell their straps. They are claiming that, their strap can charge your Apple Watch while you wear it. An issue that has been raised around the time of its original unveiling in October last year. It is now confirmed that Apple Watch will only give up to 18 hours of battery time. Therefore, this product comes into play where the Apple Watch failed to provide, the battery life. The strap is currently up for pre-order at a price tag of $249, which makes it a decent option, well at least better than any plain rubber band offered by Apple.

4. Casetify

While the above bands offer customization and tweaks in feature, they lack in customizing the appearance like the Moto 360 now offers via Moto Maker. But you don’t have to worry that anymore if you are eyeing to get the Apple Watch in April. The Casetify team wants to offer you customizable bands at a low cost of around $50. And you would be interested to learn that they would be offering free shipping worldwide.

Casetify - Apple Watch

Just like Moto Maker, they offer to design the bands using photos from your Instagram and Facebook accounts, or you could also upload a photo. There are various stamps offered to give a personal touch to your band. All this at an affordable price, doesn’t it sound like a fantasy.

5. Epik


The Apple Watch is expensive and yet you are still eager to get it as soon as possible, well too bad you have to wait till April 24th, but you can get your wits out of this protective shell that for the most expensive smartwatch you want to get. Isn’t that a right thing to do. The Epik Apple Watch kit would protect your watch from the outside world, so you don’t have to compromise the quality. It is not like the band or straps mentioned above, but a rather a case for the Apple Watch. The device case maker, Lunatik, plans to sell this product on a Kickstarter campaign while raising money to go through the manufacturing procedure. You can sign up here to receive the notification of commencement of the campaign.

6. The Bumper

The Bumper

This is another product, which is more concerned with the protection of the Apple Watch rather than customizing just bands and straps. You can get it for as low as $20, which is a special price tag for early bird backer on Indigeogo campaign.

The Bumper will offer a 360-degree shock absorption, meaning you don’t have to worry about your expensive Apple Watch if it falls to the ground. It will protect the dial while still giving you full access to the screen, digital crown, and buttons. As well as the speaker and microphone are free to perform in any situation. Currently, it is only available for 42mm variant Apple Watch, while there is no word on when or whether it will come for 38mm variant. It is available in three color variants, black, white and orange. Company promise to ship the product in May this year.


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