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Wristify Wearable can Regulate your Body Temperature for Comfort



Wristify Wearable

Well, if you are following the wearables technology closely, you may have hear the announcements of the unusual wristbands that can shock you, converts your acceleration into the electrical energy to generate power for your devices, as well as a drone that is also a wristband. While these are just few examples that we have heard in the recent months, there has been a potentially, new wearable coming up in the market with much crazier and more useful too.

Wristify, an innovative wearable device developed by the team of MIT engineering students, has created a wristband that can heat or cool down temperature of your body. Kind of weird? Well, not exactly, as, at its core, it is fairly a simple concept.

Wristify Wearable

The device is equipped with a technology, which can deliver warm or cool thermal pulses, resulting in the slight substantial rise or decline of your body temperature. The team claims that modest, but quick change in the temperature on the wrist, where blood flow is faster, can easily makes you feel several degrees cooler.

Though, the device isn’t designed to cool down temperature of your entire body. It works on the concept of comforting as it takes a lot more than just changing the core temperature of the body. Using decades of research done on the thermal comforting, the Wristify team claims that, their wearable device is designed for maximized comfort, as well as is also discreet and energy-efficient.

The current prototype can cool or warm your body temperature at the rate of about 0.4 degrees Celsius per second, which is a modest rate of increasing or decreasing temperature of your body. While it might not be a full heating and cooling solution, as most uses furnace and air conditioning to heat and cool down their homes whenever need. But it might still encourage people to set their thermostats differently to save the energy.

Since it is just a start, the creators claim that if enough people around the world use this wearable, the environmental benefits could be of significant values to the earth. The Embr Labs is currently in the race of Intel’s Make it Wearable challenge, and they have already entered into finals. While the availability of the device is still unknown, the company promises to start creating a product as fast as possible. It would be interesting to see how this device performs in the real world, and whether or not it will be accepted by the consumers in the market.

Source: Embr Labs


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