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Best Apple Watch Accessories you Should Take a Look at



Luxury Pocket Stand - Apple Watch

After announcing its first smartwatch, Apple triggered something in an accessories industry that has now led to the creation of tons of accessories for the most expensive smartwatch in the industry. The Watch that has not yet landed on the Apple Stores has already many manufacturers lining up to create accessories for it. While it has always been the case with Apple devices, as the accessory makers would announce something just on the basis on the specs revealed. But it seems like the level of craziness is broken by Apple Watch. As of last and this year, more than few companies have already accessorized it.

We have made a list of accessories that are coming to the market this summer, and you would definitely want to try them. If you have any plans to purchase the Apple Watch in the coming April month.

1. Dodo Case

DoDo Case - Apple Watch

The Dodo case wood charging dock is something that one would like to get if they are planning on purchasing the Apple Watch next month in April. Company says that it is made out of California Walnut. This has a travel mode, which would allow you to carry it easily by just wrapping cable and charger in one package during travel. It can fit all strap design including every watch models. This hand-crafted product would cost you $70 if you get it now after it goes on sale the pricing would be increased to $100. Get it here.

2. Griffin WatchStand

The WatchStand by Griffin is something of a different profile from most of the Apple Watch stand that have come into the light. This dock station provides support for Apple Watch as well as have space to place iPhone at a nice viewing angle. That’s a plus point for whoever going to get it this product, as you can dock two of your favorite Apple devices together, which means no separate stations. And it would only cost you mere $29 bucks. So, if you’re in, then get this dock station here.

3. CyClip

CyClip - Apple Watch

This is something special if you’re a biker! One maker is trying to place the Apple Watch on your bike handle. With CyClip, it would be very easy to place the Apple Watch on the bike handle without fearing about the damage if it falls. This adapter would be the first of its kind for Apple Watch. It is easy to install it on your bike handle, simply mount the watch on adapter and then attach them to the handle. It would be helpful if you are going on a road trip and need some guidance for the direction. Rather looking at your wrist for direction on Apple Watch, you could place it on the handlebar and enjoy your ride. There is no word on pricing of the device for now.

4. Bandstand by Standzout

BandStand - Apple Watch

While Apple is still waiting for the April to put its first smartwatch for sale, the Bandstand by Standzout has already taken shape and is one of the Watch dock that was showcased at the CES this year earlier in January. Company says, that it will offer the fastest charging possible as well as will be compatible with all band styles of Apple Watch, so that your choice of purchase should come between this Watch Dock and your night table. Company quotes that their Bandstand would be going on sale this summer. Probably within just a few weeks of Apple Watch sale date. Though, to know about the price you would have to wait.

5. WaterField Time Travel Case for Apple Watch

WaterField Time Travel - Apple Watch

The Waterfield team have come up with a case that is interestingly named as Time Travel Case (got it, time travel ?). It is an accessory to store other accessories, not to confuse you anymore, it would allow you to store the expensive accessories that come with Apple Watch like, your charging cradle, as well as any other small accessory that you want to carry around during travel. Moreover, you can also put your smartphone and Bluetooth earbuds in it. You can get it for $49 from company’s website and expect your deliveries after Apple Watch sale date.

6. HEDock

HEDock - Apple Watch

Another dock station that looks sleek, and is perfect for Apple fans, all because of the minimalistic design that would look great. To prevent scratches to your watch, it is coated with Urethane layer. You can reserve one for yourself at a price of $29, including free shipping, after that it would be going on sale for $49. Sign up here if you want to get notified of the availability.

7. Composure Rest

This product has a different approach to charging the dock, and yet have a similar design. It is design by using a piece of wood, themed as walnut, the Rest docking station by Composure team is something that one would like to keep on their nightstand too. The Dock station holds the Apple Watch MagSafe charger firmly in place between a walnut top and heavy steel bottom. You can pre-order the accessory at $79 price, later it will be on sale for $99.

8. Luxury Pocket Stand

Luxury Pocket Stand - Apple Watch

This is an ultimate travel dock station from Pad & Quill, inspired by an antique stand made out of a single piece of African Mahogany or American Cherry. This type of design was cherished from the stand used by founder’s grandfather to dock his gold pocket watch. The stand can be easily folded and carried around when you travel. It will only cost you $70 for an introductory price, after that it will go on sale for $89.


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