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Premium Smartphone Market down by 8% in Q1’19; Huawei, Samsung gain share & Apple Slumps



We are halfway through 2019 already, and there’s some not so agreeable news for premium smartphone industry despite tech giants making some of the incredible and innovative premium smartphones, last quarter. The recent report from Counterpoint Research of the first quarter of 2019 suggests us how the global premium smartphone segment has performed for Q1, 2019.

The recent report has revealed that the Premium smartphone market has collapsed bt 8%, further revealing tech giant Apple’s shipments dropping by 20% year-on-year in the first quarter of this year. Despite Apple being down in shipments this quarter, the Counterpoint Research report indicates the rival Samsung has made a decent share and certainly improved in its shipments when compared to last year.

The report further indicates that this significant improvement in Samsung is due to the Korean tech giant launching three Galaxy S10 phones, instead of conventional two phones like last year and before. Since S10e was the entry-level smartphone in the new ‘S’ series and the top-tier variants varied in different price-brackets has made Samsung improve its share, suggests the report.

The Counterpoint Research report has analyzed Apple’s dropping in sales, and the primary reason for the drop would be user sticking to older iPhones much longer. On an average, an iPhone is said to be being used for at least for three years, unlike earlier where the iPhone was used for only of up to two years. That is due to several new iOS 12/13 enhancements and battery improvements made for older iPhones. And also, reports’ analysis predicts radical design changes in Galaxy S series devices, which wasn’t there from Apple (as all the models released last year were based on 2017’s iPhone X) had made Samsung shipments inclining in the sales.

Huawei has also gained a significant share in the premium smartphone segment after Samsung. The latest Huawei smartphones’ camera prowess and industry leading build quality and other AI-powered enhancements have eventually made Huawei increase its share, according to the report. Despite Huawei going through a bad phase — thanks to ban from the US, the Chinese tech giant had earlier surpassed Apple in China as well. However, the sales are likely to go down from this quarter due to the imposed ban.

Despite Apple failing in Premium smartphone sales by 20%, it is still the dominant player in the Counterpoint Research Market Monitor for Q1, 2019, wherein it holds 45% of premium smartphones yet, followed by Samsung by 25% and Huawei by 16%. And, lastly OnePlus and Google also share 2% of each share for its OnePlus 6T devices and Pixel 3 devices respectively, released last year. If you are interested in Counterpoint Research in Premium smartphones for Q1, 2019, head over to the source link mentioned below. Stay connected to PhoneRadar for more such interesting updates.



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