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Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS Enabled Unisex Sports Watch – Review, Features



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Garmin Company has been into the fitness and Heart Rate monitoring system from a long time, and the Garmin GPS-Enabled Unisex Sports Watch is a great gadget in the successful list of Garmin’s range. The GPS enabled watches are costly and if you are looking for an Entry level GPS watch Forerunner 110 watch is the one to have a look at.


With this device, you cannot expect any trendy or Fancy looking gadget but a simple, neat device in Black, and Grey models are the basic Unisex models. And are also available in other colors like Black and Red for Men and Grey and Pink colors for Women.

Weighing at 52 grams and measuring 4.5 x 6.9 x 1.4cm it looks like a digital watch which you wear every day. The display is a simple round screen with four buttons on the sides with two on either side. The Strap is comfortable to wear and looks very neat too.


The main advantage of this device is having GPS option, when the device is first started a few data needs to be put in like: Weight, Age, Date, etc. and you will be taken to the main screen where all the options will be seen.

The GPS function automatically kicks in, and Time is updated automatically when you are flying to places. The four buttons on the screen make it easy to manage and edit with Light, Page/menu, Lap/Reset, Start/Stop being the options. On top of the screen, you can find the Distance and Pace can be seen on the bottom of the screen which can be helpful for your workout.

The battery life of the device is said to work for eight hours (GPS enabled) or 3 weeks of non-GPS usage. During Hikes to locate satellites is a very easy procedure which did not take longer than 20 seconds to catch on one, which can be instantly activated to gather date like pace and distance travelled when you are walking, jogging or moving on a cycle. The Distance and pace will be obtained after hitting Stop after finishing your workout. The Garmin 110 is waterproof for 30 minutes in 1 meter of water.

To view your information and details on your laptop or PC you can go to the Garmin Connect Website, where you can save all your workout data by Syncing the Garmin 110 to its website, by Signing up and saving your workout data. Garmin 110 can save up to 200 hours of workout data on its internal memory. You will be getting the Distance, Time, Pace, Avg Pace; Elevation and Calories burnt.

Garmin Connect Website: Link

The Garmin Forerunner 110 is available for a price of $116.64, and the Heart Rate monitor is available for $46.61 if you need one to go with the Forerunner watch. The Garmin 110 is a very well priced for a GPS-enabled Strapon device with the size and shape and functionality is a very good bargain.

But if you need the Heart Rate monitor to the price will be around $200 which is a good price for keeping your health in check and keeping track of your activity.

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