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Pokemon Go – Tips to Catch rare Pokémon, Level up & Types



If you happened to be one of those, who are addicted to Pokémon Go, then you are not alone. The game which is not even launched officially across the globe, has already turned the heads of millions of people, and the number won’t stop growing. You might have heard about it through social media memes or maybe through TV news because it’s everywhere. People are trying to visit places where they might not have even heard about before. Yes, it’s a good thing in a way but again bad in many ways. But let’s go with the trend and try to get better at it.

If you are going to start playing the game now, then you might have come to the right place. Here are some ways to get better at it and get a head start to help you play better.

Get a Pikachu!

If you are a Pikachu lover, then this is for you! Initially, you will be given three Pokemon (Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle) from which one has to be selected but instead, walk away from them for four times and the fifth time you can see a Pikachu along with the trio.

Note: Sometimes the user may have to walk away more than four times or it can work for less then four also. So keep an eye on it and enjoy playing.

Tracking your Pokémon

If you notice, there is a box in the bottom right that has a few Pokémon in it? That is your Pokémon tracker. This drawer shows you the nearby Pokémon, but not exactly. Don’t get confused; it is not showing the exact location. It will give you an estimate steps away from the Pokémon with the help of the footprint icon. 3 feet = far, but walkable. No feet mean that you’re on top of it or 1 feet = is close.


Also, the Pokémon you see in color are those which you have already seen/already have, and the ones you haven’t encountered are silhouetted. In case you want to find the silhouetted Pokémon, then pick a direction and start walking and check the footprints. If the number of footprints increase, then go to the opposite direction as you are moving away. This is annoying, but there’s no way around this.

Catching them

To catch a Pokémon in the wild, you hold our thumb down on a Pokéball and fling it at the Pokémon’s head. That’s all you need to do. But as you progress through the game, it gets more complicated than this. Now, when you hold your thumb down, a green circle will appear on the circle, which keeps getting smaller. You need to hit when the circle is at it’s smallest. But timing is the key here. Also while doing this, aim properly and hit the sweet spot on the circle.


Also, the color of the circle matters, remember I told you green above? If that is green, then it is easy to catch the Pokémon if yellow then comparatively tough and if red then you may want to focus on this one, because it is about to be way difficult.


Razz Berries will start appearing once you hit level 8. These Razz Berries keep a Pokémon occupied for a few seconds, thus making them less likely to bust out of your Pokéball on your next throw. To use one, open your backpack and tap it and then tap the one on your screen.

Lucky Eggs will double your XPs for the next 30 minutes. You might find them on Poké Stops if you are lucky enough to get one or you can buy them for actual money.

Poké Stop

It is important to hit Poké Stop frequently, so go to a place where there are many together and start hitting them one by one. Once you have hit the last one, then by the time you go back to the first one, it will again have perks for you since they rest every given time. So choose your location wisely to get the most out of it.

Play at different times and different places


Yes, different times = different Pokémon. So play at different times to get different types of Pokémon. Try to hunt in the evening, as you might find a lot of rare ones, that your friend might not have. This applies to places also. Play in different places if you feel that you are getting same Pokémon again and again at a given place.

Play together

It was meant to be played with friends and give you a good socializing experience. So don’t be that guy, who don’t want to share the collection with a friend or two. Also playing it with friends makes it considerably easier. Playing it group also helps with getting tips on locations of the Pokémon.

Catch the same Pokémon again and again


Yes, it is completely okay to do that. Don’t be bored or frustrated. This will help you collect candies. And candy can be used to evolve a Pokémon.

Okay now that you know, how to play the game efficiently, here is a pro tip to help you play for a long time.

Battery Pack

Seriously, the will kill your battery in no time. The game needs GPS, Camera and throughout all this, your screen will on all the time and maybe the brightest on a sunny day, so you definitely want to carry a battery pack or else you might need to make a quick trip to your closest Starbucks, or other pit stops to refill your phone’s juice.

Now catch ‘em all!


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