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Facebook India Launches Offline Video Downloads, similar to YouTube’s Feature



Facebook is giving more importance to videos lately, and it is evident from the fact that the company is focusing more on features related to videos in its platforms. It allowed users to upload and view 360-degree videos and also the Facebook Live feature was introduced and apparently the company has been paying a lot of celebrities to use this feature for promotion. Recently, YouTube also launched a similar service for live videos.

And now, the company is following YouTube by offering an offline feature that will enable users to download some videos and watch them later. This new feature will be tested in India starting July 11th with a small percentage of people. This feature will allow the videos to reach places even with a slow internet connection.

With this feature, essentially the company will option to download the videos on their Facebook, while the user is connected to a good internet connection, to watch them offline later. Also, only the original videos posted by the users on their personal accounts and pages can be downloaded. No ads or sponsored content will be affected by this feature. This feature was announced by the company to select publishers in and around the country.

These videos will be saved in Facebook app and not in the phone memory to prevent piracy. The videos will not be available to view or share in any other apps. However, pages and individual accounts can opt not to make the videos available offline if they want to. This is yet another attempt by the company to reach out to the countries with costly data rates and slow internet speeds. Last year, the company also launched a stripped-down version of its application called the Facebook Lite, and it is growing faster than the original app. In March, it also became the fastest Facebook interface to hit the 100 million monthly active users mark.

We are not sure as to when this feature will be available to everyone, but we expect it to arrive soon in the near future as the company will be starting the testing from July 11th. So stay tuned for more information on this as we will update the story accordingly.


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