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POCO F1 Tips & Tricks



As we all know Xiaomi has jarred the smartphone industry with the launch of its new sub-brand POCO by launching the series first flagship phone – the Poco F1. The new smartphone was the world’s first phone featuring a flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor in a slightly higher mid-range price bracket starting at Rs 20,999, during the launch. While it featured flagship specifications that included – SD 845 SoC, dual cameras on the rear, 4000mAh battery with Quick Charge, storage variants including (8GB+256GB / 6GB+128GB / 6GB+64GB), the POCO F1 shipped with Android Oreo out-of-the-box with MIUI running on top of it. However, we have been using the device ever since the launch and the device has also received the latest Android 9.0 Pie update backed by MIUI Global 10.2. Here are some of the top features the POCO F1 has to offer, read on –

– Poco Launcher

The first major significant change with the Xiaomi’s POCO F1 is the POCO launcher. It’s pretty much different from the Xiamoi’s standard launcher. Unlike the latter, the POCO launcher has an app drawer and tons of customizations, which include categorizing apps and ability of grouping apps automatically.







You can customize the layout, and you can also sort the apps based on the app icon color as well.

– Share Wi-Fi password

If you want to share your Wi-Fi password to any of your friends or relatives without giving out the actual password, you can do so by sharing the QR code of your Wi-fi password, which when scanned gives your Wi-Fi access to others. This works with both Android & iOS devices with their built-in QR code scanner.

– Wireless Display

This handy feature allows you to easily mirror the screen to your respective smart TVs, which support wireless display sharing. This feature is very convenient to share your phone’s media and videos onto your TV, whenever required. This can be enabled via Settings on your Phone settings under wireless display category.

– Reading mode & Color modes

POCO F1 phone allows you to adjust color temperatures as per your room’s lighting conditions with different color modes. Along with the colors, you can also change contrast settings as well, with options including automatic, increased and standard contrasts. The reading mode helps you use your phone in darker environments more conveniently by eliminating the blue light from the screen and making the display more warmer or cooler. It can be scheduled based on your location as well.

– Dual apps

Dual apps are one of the prominent features these days on any smartphone. The POCO F1 has it and as the name suggests it allows you to login into two different accounts of the same app. This is a handy feature for the users who maintain personal and private accounts on social media or other similar texting apps with two different numbers.

– Second Space

Second space is pretty much different from dual apps. Unlike the latter, second space creates a new home screen and allows you to use different accounts altogether. This helps in organizing work and personal accounts very well on the same phone. For instance, accessing photos, handling social media and texting can be set to your regular day-to-day use, and at the same time, you can create second space for accessing your work-related apps on the same device. Switching between these modes is, and moreover, you can protect second space with a secured PIN or Passcode or with your fingerprint as well. This feature on the POCO F1 doesn’t affect your other personal files on the device while switching between spaces as per your needs.

– Full-screen gestures

Along with the usual three navigation buttons, POCO F1 users also get full-screen gestures as well. These gestures when enabled in Full-Screen Display preferences via settings on your POCO F1, users can get rid of the conventional navigation buttons. Furthermore, users can use the gesture-based navigations to interact within the UI. For instance, swiping up in the middle on any screen takes you to the home screen and swiping left or right acts as a button. On the whole, these gestures are pretty intuitive and more convenient to use on your POCO F1 device.

– App lock

App lock on your POCO F1 allows you to lock any app, which you think it as your private space. For instance, you can secure your photos app or any other social media app or any texting app, which you do not want to share whenever you lend your phone to someone for a while.

– Quick ball

Quick ball feature can be a mini assistant to your POCO F1 in getting things done more quickly. This can be enabled via settings, and once enabled, you can see a shortcut icon for which you can assign quick shortcuts, for instance, you can add a screenshot shortcut or to launch any app with a single tap anywhere on the screen. This quick ball can be placed anywhere on the screen and can be accessed within any app as well.


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