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Honor View 20 Tips & Tricks



Huawei’s sub-brand Honor has unveiled its first punch hole display smartphone – the Honor View 20, last month. The new flagship from Honor has been launched in India starting at Rs 37,999 for the 6GB/128GB variant and Rs 45,999 for the larger variant. It featured a 6.4-inch All-View FHD+ display with a punch hole cut out on the top left of the screen to behold the 25MP selfie shooter. It is also Honor’s first phone to feature a 48MP rear camera alongside a 3D ToF camera. The device is powered by a Kirin 980 Dual NPU 7nm chipset accompanied by Honor’s GPU Turbo 2.0 technology for an enhanced gaming experience. The View 20 is kept alive by a 4000mAh battery that supports quick charge technology as well. The Honor View 20 has been with us for a while now, where we have explored the top camera features earlier, and now its time to dig into some more features packed in the Android 9.0 Pie-based Honor’s Magic UI

– Read on for the top noticeable features of this flagship smartphone –


Digital Balance

As the View 20 runs on the latest Android 9.0 Pie powered Magic UI its evident that it comes with new Digital Balance feature. By enabling this feature, users can monitor and manage their smartphone usage habits. This includes app usage data and screen time management of all the apps on the View 20. Users can also set a specific time for particular apps where they tend to use more extensively – like social media apps, for instance.

There’s also a Bed Time feature that turns the View 20 to grey screen, wherein it can help you to get sleep quickly by emitting all the colors and setting them to greyscale, during the sleeping hours. This feature also allows users to restrict particular apps during sleeping hours. The screen time also showcases the weekly status of your phone usage with which users can analyze what apps are being used frequently and manage their usage respectively.


As we all know, Gestures have become the new approach to interact with the smartphones lately, and the Honor View 20 is no exception. Under System Navigation settings, users can find these new Gestures alongside the three virtual navigation keys. The Gestures are all swiping based where a user can get to the home screen with just a single swipe from the bottom of the screen.

Further swiping right/left on any screen tends to act as a back button and swiping up and holding gives users access to their multitasking pane. Furthermore, swiping up from the extreme left/right of the screen enables Google Assistant as well. All in all, these gestures are quite intuitive and more convenient to interact with your View 20 smartphone.

Easy Projection

Honor View 20 features an Easy projection mode buried under Device and connection settings. As the name suggests, it allows your View 20 to project to an external display either wirelessly or as a wired connection. Users can choose how they want to project their phone, meaning they can project in a Desktop mode or in the standard phone mode.

The Desktop mode gives users a PC experience where your View 20 display as a trackpad to navigate around the screen with a cursor. The Easy projection can be enabled in TVs support that support Wi-Fi and Miracast. And, a wired connection can be featured on any monitor that has an HDMI Port.

Private Space

If your phone is more accessible to your co-workers and you don’t want them to look through your personal data, then the Private Space on the View 20 smartphone comes in ingenious.


As the name suggests, it allows you to store private data in a hidden space, which can only be accessed by your fingerprint or a PIN. What this means is that you can create a secondary set of home screen and apps and they can be hidden under this Private Space feature and can be only viewed with a PIN or a fingerprint. The View 20 also allows users to quickly switch between MainSpace and PrivateSpace right from the lock screen or the notification panel.


On the Honor View 20, the AppAssistant feature assists you to manage all your games at one spot. Under the app settings, you can enable this AppAssistant feature, after which the system settings would be optimized for your gaming session with a built-in Game acceleration feature. This essentially boosts the performance of the phone while gaming and allows you to have enhanced gaming experience.

The apps (games) added under the AppAssistant will also have an option to disable all the notifications except for calls and alarms to allow users to have uninterrupted gaming sessions as well.

App Lock

Under the security settings, there’s a feature called App Lock, which is slightly different from the PrivateSpace feature. While the latter allows you to have an entire set of apps and home screen altogether, the App Lock will enable users to lock specific apps with a fingerprint or pin code. This feature helps you to securely lock your messaging apps or photos, which the users don’t want anyone to notice when they lend their phone for a while.

App twin

Another feature under the App settings is this App twin. As the name suggests, it allows users to have multiple accounts of the same app. A set of apps such as messaging apps like WhatsApp or social media apps like Facebook can have multiple accounts on the View 20 at the same time. This feature is quite useful for users who handle multiple numbers or business accounts or handle different pages on social media accounts accordingly. This feature when enabled creates a set of two individual apps on the home screen wherein you can log in into your multiple accounts.

One-handed UI

As smartphones compete in providing more significant and bigger screens lately, they are making it hard to use with one hand. And undoubtedly the View 20 screen is also enormous but still managing it with one-hand is quite comfortable with the One-handed UI feature. Swiping from either of the corners or the navigation keys enables this feature, wherein you can interact with your View 20 with One-hand use quite conveniently. The diagonal swiping brings down the screen into a corner where you can reach all the edges of your Honor View 20 smartphone. Tapping on the unused surface area brings you to the standard sized screen on the View 20.

Fingerprint ID

Honor is the solely one brand that has brought more features to the fingerprint sensor located on the rear. It certainly works fine for authentication, besides it has useful features as well. For instance, swiping down brings you the notification panel, swiping left/right on the gallery helps you browsing through photo gallery swiftly. Moreover, users can answer the calls using the fingerprint scanner as well as they can silence the Alarm as well.

App launch

This feature comes as a battery saving feature as it manages how different the apps launch and run on your Honor View 20 device. This feature allows you to control what specific apps you want to allow to run in the background. For instance, on an app like Facebook or Uber, once you are done browsing or using them, they still run on the background and may consume your battery power. In such scenarios, you can disable their background running by enabling this feature under the battery settings of your Honor View 20 device. Further, the feature also allows you to enable this feature to all the apps on your View 20 device. Once enabled, few of the apps launches are prevented in specific scenarios to save your battery on the Honor View 20 smartphone.


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