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OPPO K1 Tips and Tricks



OPPO had built a substantial consumer base in India with its diverse kinds of smartphones ranging from budget to premium segment. The company is planning to improve its presence and had unveiled a new OPPO K series smartphones in the country. The Chinese manufacturer had launched its new OPPO K1 smartphone under the high-midrange segment. Priced at Rs 16,990, the OPPO K1 brings an AMOLED 6.4-inch FHD+ display, which has a waterdrop notch for beholding the front-facing camera. On the back, it features a dual tone 3D gradient color finish and also hosts dual rear cameras. The device is equipped with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The company had also brought in-display fingerprint scanner with the OPPO K1, which is supposedly the first phone to feature in this price bracket. On the software front, the device runs on Android Oreo 8.1-based ColorOS 5.2. The OPPO K1 has been with us for quite a while now since the launch. And, here are few of the top tricks & tricks we have noticed on our day-to-day use –

Lockscreen magazine


We tend to use our smartphone very often, and instead of looking at a single wallpaper every time you unlock the phone, the OPPO K1 offers a feature called lock screen magazine. This feature allows you to glance at a different wallpaper every time you unlock your device.


The feature also provides various options like subscribing to a specific content, which you want to get displayed on the large lock screen. The options include – travel, automobile, sports, world, Bollywood and so on. This magazine-style wallpaper adds your flavor to your smartphone’s screen and needless to say it should be connected to the internet to change the wallpapers at regular intervals randomly. This feature can be found on your OPPO K1’s Home & Lock screen settings.

Navigation Keys

Under the Smart & Convenient settings of your OPPO K1 smartphone, you can find Navigation keys wherein you select two different modes. Firstly, the virtual key navigation mode allows you to use your standard navigation keys at the bottom of the display. However, the second Swipe-up gestures navigation mode is quite interesting on the OPPO K1.

It features multiple gesture options that allow you to interact with your smartphones accordingly. The different gestures offer you to swipe up from the middle to go to the home screen from any app. Further, you can adjust the ‘going back’ gesture in multiple ways like swiping right or left or both from any screen on your OPPO K1 smartphone.

Gesture & Motion

Since we are talking about gestures, a few other gestures work without your screen waking up called Screen-off gestures. For instance, drawing an ‘O’ on the lock screen takes you to camera instantly and drawing a ‘V’ turns your flashlight, and double tapping wakes your screen. Furthermore, you can add specific gestures for doing a certain task and moreover you can control your music through swipe gestures on the lock screen as well.

Game Space

If you are an avid gamer on a smartphone, then the Game Space feature on the OPPO K1 does more to enhance your gaming experience. Enabling this feature adds your phone games automatically to the Game Space, which primarily when launched improves Graphics Acceleration for much effective gameplay. It intelligently adjusts system resources and enhances your gaming performance.

Enabling this feature also restricts your background data usage, and video call invitations during the gameplay prompt as banner notifications without interrupting your gameplay. If you still consider banner notifications are interruptive, then you can disable them as well. Lastly, the Brightness of your screen can also be locked as per your preference of the gameplay.

Smart Scan

As the name suggests, this feature allows you to scan documents using your OPPO K1’s primary camera. It can also work as a real-time text or photo translator with different languages as well.

App Split-Screen

Well, the split screen is a standard feature in many of the Android phones; however, OPPO K1 gives you an option to get into this mode more conveniently. While swiping three fingers down gives you a screenshot, swiping up takes you to split screen mode instantly.


Besides, you can also drag down the specific app card from the multi-tasking mode to bring into the split screen mode.

Camera modes

With conventional cameras modes that include a photo, video, panorama, and time-lapse, the OPPO K1 brings you portrait and stickers modes and also an expert mode.


The dedicated portrait features different lighting conditions such as film light, mono-tone light and more. There are a bunch of stickers that can be applied and can be shared to social media accounts. And expert mode gives you additional manual options such as ISO adjustment, white balance and so on.

Clone Apps

The clone apps feature allows you to maintain two different accounts of the same app. When enabled, adds a secondary app of the same app service on the home screen. This allows users who are using two different numbers for their personal and professional workflow accordingly.



Bear in mind only selective apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger can have clone apps and also not more than two apps can have their clone apps running simultaneously.


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