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POLL – 5 Questions to the PhoneRadar Readers about the OnePlus 5 Smartphone



OnePlus5 Launch Poll PhoneRadar

The OnePlus‘s Slimmest flagship killer of 2̶0̶2̶0̶ 2017 is around the corner and we should be hearing soon about the OnePlus 5. Yes, they have already confirmed that the brand would be moving from the OnePlus 3T to the OnePlus 5 and skipping the number 4 in the model series. We did speculate this very early back in December 2016. Now that the OnePlus 3 has been stopped from selling in the International markets we know that the new phone’s release is happening soon.

Regarding the leaks, there is news that the phone would come with the Snapdragon 835 Soc and also a Dual-Camera setup. This trend of the dual-cameras is going to be a first for OnePlus while other manufacturers have taken that mainstream. While the OnePlus 3T has been discontinued in the US, it is clear that the new phone is going to launch soon with a few rumors hinting at June 15th launch date. In today’s news, the brand has themselves posted a photo of the OnePlus 5 Box that is exactly the same in the looks like the predecessor.

We thought this might be the right time to ask you guys a few questions around the upcoming phone. There are a few polls embedded below that you need to vote on and also comment in the comments section below with your reasoning on why you have voted for specific options.

[poll id=”4″]
[poll id=”5″]
[poll id=”6″]
[poll id=”7″]
[poll id=”8″]

Once you answer all these 5 questions, comment below on your thoughts about this upcoming phone from OnePlus. It’s just 2 weeks away from the official unveiling and we are curious to know your thoughts about the same. If you have a friend or family member who has been using a OnePlus device, do invite them to this poll and we look forward to everyone’s views around the same.


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