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PhiComm Passion 660 Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Useful Options



PhiComm Passion 660

PhiComm is yet another Chinese mobile manufacturer that has been introduced to the Indian smartphone market. This is a smartphone with ideal features like a refreshing design, full HD display, an Octa core chipset, and impressive camera captures. You all can read our detailed review to know further about the various aspects. But here we will be covering how you can make the use of your PhiComm Passion 660 efficient with some best tips and tricks. Let’s get started.

What are the features of the Pedometer App on the PhiComm Passion 660?

PhiComm Passion 660 - Pedometer

This feature can be accessible from the notification panel. Just tap on the pedometer icon and the floating menu will open. You can check the number of the step taken as well as calories burned. It is a very simple and easy to use app, which you will like it.

What is the Wireless Disk app on the PhiComm Passion 660 does?

With this app, you can turn your smartphone into an FTP server and use the address to access the shared folder on the PC. Remember you can also secure the authentication by locking it with the password. To enable this app, you have to launch the App Drawer first then head over to the WirelessDisk. There you will find the Toggle Switch to turn ON.

What is the Wave Gestures feature on the PhiComm Passion 660?

The Air gestures feature on this device uses the front-facing camera to detect the wave gestures. Remember to use these features you have to be put your hand in 3cm to 15cm range. You can use these wave gestures to unlock, put it on standby, pull down the notification down, play next song as well as change the picture in the gallery.

How to Unlock the PhiComm Passion 660 using Gesture Unlock?

Unlocking your device with wave gestures sound pretty unique and cool. The Passion 660 lets you do that, but it’s not always accurate, although, when you get use to it, it’s pretty easy to do this. Now to enable this feature, you have to launch the Settings app and head over to the Wave Gesture options under common settings.

How to keep the PhiComm Passion 660 on standby using Air Gesture?

PhiComm Passion 660 - Wave Gestures

It is pretty neat feature, you just have to wave your hand over the front of the device, but make sure that you do it within the distance between 3-15 cms and your hand should pass over the front facing camera, as it is only being used for detecting the air gestures. You have to gesture it from left to right to keep the device in standby mode. But first enable this feature from the settings app; head over to the Wave gesture option under the Common settings. There you will find the Air Gesture Standby mode, toggle the button to ON in front of it.

How to control the status bar on the PhiComm Passion 660 using Air Gesture?

Air gestures are cool, and they are great when using them makes your device efficient and convenient. With this air gesture, you can control the status bar, whenever you want to. Gesturing to the phone from top to bottom will pull down the notification bar, while if you go from bottom to top after that, it will close the panel. Using gesture for this control is worthwhile and sometimes required like when your hands are dirty to touch the screen of the device.

How to change the song on the PhiComm Passion 660 using Air Gesture?

Changing songs using the air gesture is possible on the PhiComm Passion 660. To enable this feature, you have to open the Settings app and tap on the Wave gesture option under Common Settings. There enable the Air gesture music, and you’re good to go. Now next time when you open the music player, remember you can change the song using wave gesture only. Interesting, right!

How to view the pictures on the PhiComm Passion 660 using Air Gesture?

Your hands are dirty, or you may be eating, but still want to see the gallery on your device, as you want to check out the capture you clicked recently. Well, these air gestures are here to save your device, as you can just wave left to right and change the image. Pretty convenient right! To enable this feature you have to go to the settings and under common settings, you will see the Wave gestures option, tapping on it will reveal a list. You just have to toggle the button in front of Air Gesture Picture to ON.

What does the Barometer app do on the PhiComm Passion 660?

PhiComm Passion 660 - Barometer

The app allows its users the convenience to check the pressure and altitude from your smartphone. This is useful for aviators and marine navigators in a very technical sense, but let’s faces it; those professionals would have a better device than a smartphone telling them about the pressure and altitude of the place you’re standing. Though, you can still make a pretty decent usage of this feature, as you learn the place you’re standing is at which level of height and pressure.

How to check that how much RAM is free on the PhiComm Passion 660?

To check how much RAM is free on this device, you have to go to Settings and then head over to the Apps option under custom settings. Now swipe over to the tab named Running, there you will learn how much free RAM is available for your device, as well as how much RAM is being used by the apps.

How to take screenshots on the PhiComm Passion 660?

This is one of the simplest of the tips that we can talk you through. It’s very easy; you just have to press the power button and volume down button together to take the screen shot. It will automatically save the screenshot, and you can access the file from notification panel as well as from gallery.

How to turn ON the Tethering & Hotspot on the PhiComm Passion 660?

PhiComm Passion 660 - Hotspot

Many users like to share their internet packs with their friends or family while sometimes they have to. So, to enable the tethering on the PhiComm Passion 660 is also made easy, just like most of the Android devices. Launch the Settings app and head over to the more option under the Wireless & Networks section. Now tap on the Tethering & Hotspot option, you will see how toggle button in front of the option WLAN hotspot, turn it ON. Remember, the hotspot would be password protected; you can also change the password key.

How to custom the Quick Settings on the PhiComm Passion 660?

You can not exactly add or remove the functions from the Quick Settings, but can actually arrange the place of the icons. To do that, you have to open the Quick Settings panel and then tap the sort icon. A list will open, there you can drag the functions, according to your arrangement needs. It is that simple.

How to insert the SIM card on the PhiComm Passion 660?

The PhiComm Passion 660 is a dual SIM smartphone, with both of the slots accessible on the right edge; you can slide out the tray using the SIM card ejector pin. Remember, that if you’re using a 4G SIM, then you should insert your SIM card in the first slot to use the services, as only first slot supports the 4G out of two. While the first slot is for micro SIM, the second slot can hold only nano device.

Will PhiComm Passion 660 get the Android Lollipop update?

We are not sure when exactly the device is getting the major update to the Android Lollipop, as it runs on the Android KitKat based skin. Though, if we were to believe the company, they have ensured that their device would be getting this update soon. So, you sit tight, and we will keep you updated. Moreover, you can bookmark this link to check back again.


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