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LG G4 Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Useful Options




When LG announced their latest flagship almost a month back, we initially felt that there was no good changes are done on the G4 when compared to the G3. While it may seem like a bad upgrade at first, but when we started to use the device it felt totally different. Using the G4 for a couple of days we realized its potential on the hardware and software, both the levels. With that in mind, we are sharing some of the best tips and tricks that you can do to optimize your experience on LG G4.

What is SmartShare Beam feature on the LG G4?

LG G4 - SmartShare Beam

You can transfer the data between two LG devices, whether they are tablets or smartphones it doesn’t matter. Receive files wirelessly with this beam service. To enable this feature you have to launch the Settings app and swipe over to the Networks tab. There you have to tap on the Share & Connect option and then, tap on the SmartShare Beam Toggle Button to ON.

What is LG Airdrive feature on the LG G4?

Manage content Wirelessly. This feature allows you to manage the content transfer wirelessly using the LG Account. It is also helpful in backing up the data on updating the phone via a wireless connection between your LG G4 and PC using the LG Bridge feature. Sign into the same account on both the devices and turn ON the LG Airdrive feature, now you’re ready to manage the content.

How to use the Interruptions feature on the LG G4?

Setup when do you don’t want your phone to interrupt you. This is mostly helpful when you’re in the office meetings. Just set the interruptions to none, or you could set it as for only priority functions, like accepting calls and texts from emergency contacts and selected apps. And if you want to schedule the downtime when you don’t want to be interrupted at all. Settings> Sound & Notifications> Interruptions under Notification section.

How to activate the Message/Call Voice Notification on the LG G4?

Want your device to read out loud the messages and the caller ID? Well you can do that on your LG G4. Just go to the settings and head over to the Sound and Notification tab and tap on more option. The last option in the list is the desired option, switch the toggle button to ON.

What is the Smart Bulletin feature on the LG G4?

LG G4 - Smart Bulletin

If you don’t mind an extra screen in the home screen, then this is an interesting feature for you. Just go to the settings and swipe over to the display tab, there you have to tap on home screen option. The second option is for you, where you have to toggle the button in front of it to ON. Now you can enjoy the customized information on your home screen, like data from LG Health app, as well as direct access to smart settings and QRemote.

What is the Knock Code feature on the LG G4?

We are not a fan of pattern lock, as some prying eyes can even see that when you’re not looking over your shoulder. That’s when the Knock code comes into play. Just head over to the settings app and swipe the tab to display, there you’ll have to tap on Lock screen option. Now select the screen lock to Knock code, and follow the instructions. Remember, if you want it more secure, at least use 5 knocks when setting up the lock. There you go, now the device has been secured with Knock code.

How to change the Screen Swipe Effect on the LG G4?

There are tons of customizations available on G4, and changing the look of screen swipe effect is something interesting for gazers. You have to launch the Settings app and swipe over to the display tab, now open the lock screen option and tap on screen swipe effect. There you’ll have five options to select from, choose what you like and confirm it. It’s that simple.

How to Customize the Shortcuts on the LG G4?

You can select what shortcuts you want to appear in the lock screen. This feature allows you to select it quite easily. First you have to open the settings app and swipe over to the display tab and then tap on the lock screen. Now you’ll find the shortcuts option under Customize section, open that and you’ll have a drag and drop interface. Up to 5 shortcuts can be added, although, you can select it to be any of the installed apps. Just save the work and you’re done, you’ll have the chosen customized lock screen.

How to customize the Home Touch Buttons on the LG G4?

LG G4 - Home Touch Button

Most of the big brands doesn’t provide the customization option of the menu button, as it is quite in demand. The power users of these flagship phones like to customize even the minor details, although, these buttons doesn’t come under the minor interface. To customize these buttons, you have to launch the settings app and swipe over to the display tab and then tap on Home touch buttons. Now you can change the button combination as well as select the color to white or black. Remember, you can only select up to 5 buttons. Additionally, you can add hide these buttons on some apps as well.

How to customize the Fonts size and type on the LG G4?

With a high level of customization, you also get to choose what type and size of the font should appear on your smartphones. To do that you have to launch the settings app and swipe the tab to display section, and open the Font type and Font size to change the respective settings.

What is the Content Lock feature on the LG G4?

There are prying eyes everywhere, and if you want to specifically lock that data from everyone, then you should use the content lock for gallery and memos for QMemos+. This is quite helpful in conditions when you’re giving your phone to someone to make a call or something. That person won’t be able to access those secured files. So, you can be worry free.

What are the Smart Settings options on the LG G4?

The smart settings option is quite helpful when you want to trigger some location based functions, or as well as some specific functions like when you plug in earphones you can choose to open a music app, so that you don’t have to manually open the app. It is quite useful in many scenarios; you just have to find the combination of the function according to your needs. To setup a location trigger, you have to go to Location option under general tab in the Settings app. There you can tap on the My Places option and set your home location. But remember that it can only be used when you’re using the data network, as it doesn’t work when you’re connected to internet via Wi-Fi.

How to use the Dual Window feature on the LG G4?

LG G4 - Dual Window

Multitasking capabilities of the OS are always the charm in the flagship devices, and that is such the case with LG G4 too. You get the dual window feature, where you can use the two apps at a same time happening on one screen. To use this feature, you have to launch the settings app and swipe over to the general, and under smart functions you’ll see the Dual Window option. You have to tap on the option, as well as switch the toggle button to ON. You can select the auto open options for links or email attachments when browsing the web. Or just can press the recent menu button and tap on the dual window to get started with multi-tasking. The dual windows screen would cover 50% each, but you can adjust the percentage by swiping the menu button of dual windows. You can switch between two screens as well as view app lists and select other app to run on the window.

What are the QSlide Apps and how to use them on the LG G4?

This is quite an interesting feature; you can call them small apps running as the floating window on top of the current window. To enable this feature, you have to launch the Settings app and then swipe over to the display tab and head over to the home touch buttons. There you can find the button combination option, opening that would allow you to drag the Qslide options to home touch buttons. Now tap on the button and start using the apps as floating windows. There are eight apps available in this list, and you can only use up to two apps at a time as a floating window.

How to quickly launch the Camera app on the LG G4?

This is a quite interesting feature on the G4 for shutterbugs. By pressing the volume button twice at a time, the device would automatically wake up the screen, open the camera app and take the capture too. All this is done within the 0.07 seconds of press the volume down button twice at a time. We don’t know if it was 0.07 seconds, but it was pretty quick to take pictures. A very helpful feature to photographers who are using the G4, so that you don’t miss any moment.

How to enable and use the QuickCircle Case feature on the LG G4?

This is a dedicated feature for G4 users having the QuickCircle case with them. If you’re using the smart cover, then you should definitely enable this feature. It would allow you to open some apps, which you can select from the list of the apps. To enable this feature, you have to go to the settings app and swipe over the tab to general. Now tap on the QuickCircle case and, toggle the button to ON.

What is the Smart Lock feature on the LG G4?

Using a pattern lock or Knock code on an LG G4 would be suffice to secure your device from prying eyes, but what about when you’re at home and doesn’t want to unlock the device every time to use it. But with smart lock feature available on the device, the security Pin would be disable hen it checked via location services that you’re at home, or if you’re connected to the Bluetooth device like your fitness band, smartwatch, speaker, or even a car stereo. And when you leave the trusted area, the security gets lock down, so you don’t have to worry about when to lock and when to not lock the device. This feature can prove quite helpful and convenient.

Is there any Power Saving Mode or option to save battery life?

Even though, the battery is of high capacity on the LG G4, no phone can survive for so much unless it is optimized for performance and balanced. You can optimize your device by turning ON the Game optimizer. As this is the only option available for optimizing the battery, which is only when you’re gaming. Like other flagships have power saver modes, this device doesn’t have it, though, when the battery is below 5% you can pre-select to go automatically to the battery saver option.

What is the Path Input feature and how to enable it on the LG G4?

LG G4 - Path Input

The LG G4 keyboard is something cool that you might like if you’re using it for quite some time. Now to improvise your experience on the LG Keyboard so that you can have a great time using it, you should use this Path input feature. It lets you draw a line through the letters in a word rather tapping on single letters. Some companies call it continuous input, gesture typing or swype. To enable this feature you have to launch the settings app and swipe over to the general tab and then tap on the Language & Input. There you have to make sure that LG Keyboard is set as your default input method. Now tapping on the Settings icon in front of the LG Keyboard would take you to the desired option. Make sure to check the box in front of the Path Input in order to enable this feature. Now enjoy the typing experience on your LG G4.


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