ZTE Blade QLux Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Useful Options

by Vishal Toshiwal 8

ZTE Blade Q Lux

While the Indian smartphone has seen a lot of handsets launched this year supporting the 4G LTE, there was still a void untouched by many smartphone manufacturers. That is the price range below INR 5K. Well, that too has become the reality now if you can believe. As ZTE, a popular Chinese manufacturer has entered the Indian market with the title of cheapest 4G smartphone priced at INR 4,999. Let’s take a look at some of the best tips and tricks that you can use on QLux to quantify your efficiency of using the device.

What is the Family Mode feature on the ZTE Blade Qlux?

ZTE Blade QLux - Family Mode

A simple and convenient mode that’ll make using the device function too easy. Designed for used by elder family members, it allows users to quickly access the recent calls, messages, camera and various other essential apps. With large icons and texts, it is quite easy to operate your way around the interface. Similar to the Simple Home feature that is found on Xiaomi’s MIUI. It is quite easy to enable this feature; all you need to do is tap on family mode app available in the app drawer and follow the simple instructions.

How to Change the hard Keys on the ZTE Blade Qlux?

These days mobile vendors are offering good customization in their interfaces. Blade QLux offers to customize the hard keys by changing the back and menu buttons. This is probably the only budget smartphone that offers, apart from YU Yuphoria. Talking about how to change the hard keys on QLux, it is quite easy. Just launch the Settings app and head over to the hard key option under the Device section. Tapping on it would lead you to open the options. Now select an option out of two for which you want to use.

What is the Bluetooth Manager app offers on the ZTE Blade Qlux?

ZTE Blade QLux - Bluetooth Manager

ZTE has loaded quite the bloatware, but most of them are very helpful to users. Just like the Bluetooth manager app. It allows users to control the Bluetooth connect device, add as well as remove them, according to need. Moreover, you can enable the background mode so that Bluetooth would be efficiently running in a background. Once paired with other device, this app can manage the notifications, like calls, message, as well as emails and missed call notifications. To enable this you just have to open the app drawer and tap on the Bluetooth Manager app, now add the device and start using the functions.

What does the Backup and Restore app offers on the ZTE Blade Qlux?

One of the most important stuff on your smartphone is your personal data. Now you wouldn’t like that to be just erased from your device would you. So, this device comes with a special back and restore app available in the app drawer. To setup your backup data, you first need to make sure that you have inserted the microSD card slot into the smartphone where you would be backing up the personal data. Moreover, you can restore the data if you’re switching from any other phone.

How to manage the app permissions on the ZTE Blade Qlux?

ZTE Blade QLux - App Permission Manager

Found in the Security section of the Settings app, the app permission manager, is something that an Android user should use on the basis when they install the apps. It would allow you to check how many apps are seeking permission from the device. Categorized into two formats, Permissions, and Apps, one lists the permissions with how many apps are having access to it while second portrays which apps have how many numbers of permissions. You can easily revoke the permission that you don’t want apps to access.

How to enable the Tethering option of the ZTE Blade Qlux?

Creating a hotspot has always been quite an easy task to explain. Just launch the settings app, head over to More options under Wireless & Network, and tap on Tethering & portable hotspot. Now you’ll have to toggle the button to ON, thereby enabling the tethering. Remember you can also setup up the password, to do that you have to tap & hold on the Wi-Fi hotspot button, and you’ll be directed to new options. There you can see the setup options, set the security according to need and get started.

How to Insert the SIM Card on the ZTE Blade Qlux?

It is fairly easy to insert the SIM card on a smartphone these days, as many companies are offering a tray on the edge of the phone. But unlike many phones, ZTE Blade QLux doesn’t offer that. So, to insert an SIM card on this device you would have to open the back cover. After opening the cover, you’ll also have to remove the battery to insert the SIM card. Remember, only the first slot support the 4G SIM card. Unfortunately, we were not able to test 4G speed because the SIM card was not detected by our unit.

Will ZTE Blade Qlux get the Android Lollipop Update?

These days, Lollipop is coming out of the box on many budget devices. We had high hopes that this new 4G device would at least come with the major OS that has been the talk of the town. But, unfortunately, Blade QLux comes with Android KitKat 4.4. Though, it is not confirmed by the company, we can always hope for that it will get the major update to Lollipop 5.0 soon.

Vishal Toshiwal

Born in West India, raised in the North and currently chasing dreams in the southern part of India- Vishal is an entrepreneurial spirit, a tech enthusiast and a writer by profession, who is busy taking pictures when he is not writing. He would love to talk to you about the latest movies, TV shows and DC/Marvel comics. As a personal rule, he doesn't let a day get by without at least one dessert. Because, why not?

  • Purushottam Itare

    Lazy services of ZTE INDIA. Dont purchase any product of this in India.

  • Vadavalli Kamakshi

    I bought ZTE Q lux 4g
    contains many features. little bit difficult to understand all features.
    Going on we can understand and utilize these features.

    I could not find Alarm to set my Alarm Time and Screen Lock. I search
    all settings but I could not find Alarm to set different times.

    Can any one please Help me to set alarm and Screen Lock

    • Rajarshi Ray

      open the clock app first. then click the alarm tab ( first one from left ) in the clock application.

      • Vadavalli Kamakshi

        Thanks. While downloading and installing some applicationas, Clock became un0installed. After a long struggle I could notice it and reinstalled. Now I Could set It.
        Please explain any new features u observe in ZTE Blade Q 4G

        • Rajarshi Ray

          hello! you can view the user manual ( also an app preloaded in the phone ) from the phone itself. click the bulb icon with a green background.

          • Vadavalli Kamakshi

            Now I can understand all features. But Battery back up is not Good as given in specifications. Frequently it is getting down. Not charging 100% not standing more than 4 hours. every 4 hours we need to recharge. Though I turn of all applications and kept only phone mode. Is it problem os the system? I get it on 11th Jan-16. Shall I return it?

  • Vadavalli Kamakshi

    All features and many applications are there. But Battery back up is not Good as
    given in specifications. Frequently it is getting down. getting charged 00% not standing more than 4 hours. every 4 hours we need to charge it.
    Though I turn of all other applications and kept only phone mode. Is it
    problem of the system? or Battery problem? Where is the near by Authorized Service center for Haridwar (Uttarakhand)

    • Rajarshi Ray

      switch off wifi and bluetooth to reduce battery drain. if you do not own two numbers then switch off sim2 also. launch the pre-installed service centre app to find out the addresses of all service centres in the country.