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OPPO Patents Foldable Smartphone with Dual Cameras in China



OPPO recently announced its partnership with Qualcomm for launching the 5G-ready smartphones in 2019. However, the company also seems to be working on a foldable smartphone. In 2017, ZTE launched the Axon M foldable smartphone in the U.S with two individual displays connected by a hinge. We can still find a noticeable bezel between both the displays on Axon M. Samsung is rumored to launch the Galaxy X foldable smartphone by the end of 2018 or early 2019.

Now, OPPO has patented a new smartphone design that looks close to the Axon M. From the images, the display on this device looks to be more immersive with no bezel in between the two displays when unfolded. We can also notice dual camera setup on the rear when it is in the unfolded mode. Interestingly, the selfie camera and earpiece are placed separately on the two individual displays.

Apart from these images, there is not much information available about the foldable smartphone from OPPO. We need to wait and see, how the company will make use of the dual displays. With the Axon M, ZTE put out some decent software features like Mirror mode, Extended Mode, and Dual Mode. While we still find quite a few apps that doesn’t support 18:9 aspect ratio, the developers might take a couple of years to get used to the usual aspect ratios on foldable smartphones.

While OPPO showcases new technologies on the MWC show floor, we hope to see its foldable smartphone at the upcoming MWC 2018. Last week, the company launched the OPPO F5 Dashing Blue in the Indian market as OPPO F5 Sidharth Limited Edition. It will be available starting February 8th and might cost same as the original OPPO F5. The OPPO F5 in Gold and Black color options is currently retailing for Rs. 19,990.



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