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OnePlus 3 – How To Enter Safe Mode when Phone is unresponsive or won’t power on



Android ecosystem is known for its customization options as well as the ease of use. If you are facing an issue with your Android device, then you are more likely to find a solution for it quickly, as compared to other operating systems. You also have access to multiple forums online which can assist you with that as well.

On the same lines, one of the most frequently faced issue in smartphones are force closes and device being unresponsive. This can be mainly due to the process itself which you are trying to run. And this issue is faced by many smartphones across the platform, regardless of which smartphone you own.

OnePlus launched their new flagship OnePlus 3 and the phone had it media presence for quite sometime due to it’s memory management issues. Here is a quick guide to fix that issue. It is not a bad phone by any means, but there have been a lot of speculation on this matter. If in case, your OnePlus 3 freezes on you while running an application or playing a game, then here is a quick tip that you can follow, to resolve it.

The easiest way in which you can remove an unresponsive process or in which you can uninstall an app that is causing a certain software problem is by entering and using the Android Safe Mode. This is a hidden environment which can be accessed on any Android smartphone or a tablet. So rebooting and using this on your OnePlus 3 shouldn’t be an issue.

Here is step-by-step guide on how to access Safe Mode on your OnePlus 3 smartphone –

As we mentioned earlier, this environment is available by default on all the Android device and accessing it is safe and secure. It doesn’t require any third-party applications and yes, it will not void your smartphone’s warranty as well. It is the same thing with the Windows Safe Mode: a dedicated environment that can be accessed in a certain method when the regular system can’t be used anymore.

A backup is not required for this process unless you are planning to make a hard reset after this or if you are planning to install custom ROMs. In that case, go ahead and create a backup of your device now or else you will end up with a completely wiped smartphone. Also, charge your OnePlus 3 if the power left is 30% or less. If not, then your phone might switch off during the process, causing more issues.

Okay now, to begin with, there are two different methods to access the Safe Mode on your OnePlus 3 smartphone.

The Classic Method – This method is not bound to OnePlus 3, it can be used on any Android Smartphone to access the Safe Mode.

  1. Power on your OnePlus 3.
  2. Press the power button once to see the Shut Down menu.
  3. Now press and hold the shutdown option to see the Safe Mode message on your display.
  4. Choose the Safe Mode option and wait while the reboot sequence is completed and your device enters the safe mode.
  5. The Android Safe Mode icon will be displayed on your phone. From here, you can go back to Android OS by following the same process – this time, choose Reboot to Android instead of Safe Mode to return to your OS.

The Dedicated Solution

  1. Power off your OnePlus 3.
  2. Then, press and hold the Power button until your device starts booting.
  3. Release the Power button once the Android Logo is displayed.
  4. Once you release it, keep pressing the Volume up and down buttons.
  5. Hold these keys until the reboot process is completed and you will enter the Safe Mode.

So now you know how to enter the Android Safe Mode on your OnePlus 3. The most usual problems that can be fixed through this environment are – a process that stops running and remains in the background; you get a malware; you install a buggy app; you have to uninstall an unresponsive feature; and so on. These problems are usually causing critical issues such as boot loops, screen freeze, battery drain, etc.

Note that; the safe mode won’t tell you which app or process is causing a problem on your OnePlus 3. You can only remove certain tools, but you can do so only if you know what’s the actual issue. Feel free to ask your queries and stay tuned for more guides like this.


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