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Top 7 Major OnePlus 2 Problems & How To Fix them



OnePlus 2 smart phone has gained much popularity even before its release due to its specifications and features. This affordable smart phone has attracted many smart phone users all across the globe with its attractive design and display. After releasing OnePlus One, every smartphone user waited much for this all new device as expectations are huge on this phone. But, there seems to be few minor issues in this smart phone and most of which can be resolved via the OTA software update.

Most of the OnePlus 2 users reported few common issues and in this article we would like to discuss those problems with solutions. But, at first make sure to update your OnePlus 2 smart phone to the latest software update.

Dual-SIM Selection

Problem – OnePlus 2 smart phone users seem to facing the problems with the selection of dual SIMs. Many reported that, the selection of SIM has been a problem between both SIM cards and  sometimes even the primary SIM selection is not been visible in the notification section.

Solution – Few of the users suggested that, by restarting the device, this issue may seem to be resolved. But, this trick is not working for all, every time. The permanent solution for this bug should be come with an update and we should wait for that to be fixing this issue.

Home button/ Finger Print Sensor

Problem – Few users reported that, the home-button seems unresponsive whenever the phone is held in one hand and tapping the home-button with other hand. The same issue is with the finger print sensor too as the fingerprint sensor is embedded with the home-button.

Solution – There seems to have few solutions for this problem like, by using the device only with one hand or by using it by placing it on the table or case. Few users also stated that, this issue can be solved by disabling the gesture settings. But, anyhow we need to wait for the next update to resolve this issue permanently.

Clear All X button Vanished

Problem – Most of the OnePlus 2 users reported that after being updated to Oxygen OS 2.1 and 2.0.2, the Clear All X button which is visible at the top-right corner of the recent apps menu has been disappeared.

Solution – One of the solutions for this issue is updating the Google app as it worked for many users. And for few, booting the device into safe mode and rebooting it fixes the issue (only for few days). Anyhow, we need to wait for the further update to get a permanent solution for this issue.

Connectivity Issues

Problem – Connectivity issues are most commonly seen in any smart phone and in OnePlus 2, there are issues with WiFi and blue-tooth connectivity.

Solution – The WiFi issue can be solved by disabling the router and reconnect it after sometime. Also, forget the preferred network option in your WiFi settings and reconnect by entering the details from beginning. Through settings, disable the power saving mode.

The Bluetooth issue can be resolved by disabling the power saving mode and by clearing the cache from the bluetooth settings. Also, make sure that the Bluetooth connected devices are within the limit and if it exceeds the limit, then remove the unused devices and keep place for the new devices.

Contacts sync with Car via Bluetooth

Problem – Few users reported that, while connected the OnePlus 2 with the car via Bluetooth, the contacts from phonebook are unable to sync with the car.

Solution – The permanent fix for this solution is updating the device with the latest Oxygen OS update. Anyhow, if there is still problem, then try installing Bluetooth phonebook app from the play store as it worked for few users.

Camera Issue

Problem – This issue has been reported by many OnePlus 2 users that the camera is not functioning whenever the flash is ON. Even if the image is captured, then the screen is getting locked and the users need to unlock it again. This seems to be an issue for some users after updating to the latest Oxygen OS.

Solution – We found that, this issue is troubling the users who are using the device camera. So, try to use the Google camera and it may seem to resolve this issue. For few users, this issue had been resolved by wiping the cache partition and by performing the factory reset. But follow the right procedure for wiping cache partition and factory reset.      

These are the common issues we have seen so far in the OnePlus 2 device, and if at all there are any issues with your device apart from the above, do let us know in the comments section below and we will try to fix them for you.

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