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How To Fix iPhone 6s Frozen & Unresponsive Touch Screen



All the Apple users and fans are very fond of the iOS, and everyone knew the fact that it is very stable OS which doesn’t show any performance issues on its products. As of now, most of the smartphone lovers have tried iPhone 6s all over the world and might be using now as well. The deal is that we have seen so many complaints from its users on touch screen response and so in this article we would like to fix this issue for the iPhone 6s users.

Not only iPhone 6S users, but also the users of iPhone 6s plus, also have reported the same touchscreen issue. To be frank, we too used this device for few months and two to three times we too faced the similar issue. But upon performing certain things, we relieved out of this issue, and now everything seems good, and so we would like to share the same with you.

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Clean the Screen

At first, try cleaning your phone’s screen as few times that will make your screen unresponsive to touch. So, let’s start with the cleaning of the screen. Take a clean and soft cloth of cotton and wipe the surface of the screen smoothly without keeping much pressure on it. Once done with the cleaning, recheck the screen and start using it.

It may solve your problem now and if not proceed further and try the below methods.

Sometimes, the phone gets hang or frozen due to few apps and suddenly become unresponsive. So, we advise you to turn off your phone and on it after one or two minutes. We hope you all know about turn off and restart the process and if not follow the below steps.

To turn off and Restart

  • Hold the Sleep or Wake button until you see an option of Power off.
  • Slide the option and the device will get turn off.
  • Now, again hold the sleep/wake button until the phone gets on.(Apple Logo appears)

To Reboot

  • To force restart/reboot the iPhone 6s, press and hold Sleep and home button simultaneously at the same time until the Apple logo appears (at least for 10-12 seconds).
  • So, once you turn on the phone again, the unresponsive touch issue might be solved as the phone gets better now.

Factory Reset

Even if restarting doesn’t solve the issue, then you can try the factory reset. After performing the factory reset, all your data will be erased, and the device becomes brand new. Although you can restore the data from iCloud/iTunes, few users reported that, the problem occurred again after restoring the data.

To perform Factory reset, go to ‘Settings>General>Reset>Erase All content and Settings>Erase iPhone’ and that’s all. Now the phone takes few seconds to perform this task and after that, you will have the brand new iPhone 6S in your hands.

By now, you will be free from the unresponsive touchscreen issue. If not, then follow the last step advised below.

Contact Customer Care/Apple Store

If you fail to resolve the issue using the above methods, then contact the Apple store and get a new device as a replacement. Note that, your device should not have physical damage and should be in warranty period to get a replacement. So, claim it and get it now.

Other than the above issues, if you are facing any other issues, do let us know under the comments section below, and we try to resolve it for you.


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