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Early Buyers of OnePlus2 can now avail Accidental & Damage Protection Plans in India



Update: In mid-October, OnePlus had announced a couple of insurance plans for their users in India. While everything seems to be good with both the plans, one thing that surprised everyone is that conditions for availing the plans. To get the protection plans, either you need to purchase it along with the device or need to contact the company within 10 days of purchase, which in return made the early buyers of the recently launched OnePlus 2 left out from the getting this newly offered protection plans.

Now the company had tweeted saying the early OnePlus 2 users can sign-up for purchasing the insurance plans. Once you fill up the information in the listed form, the B2X representatives will review the application and will inform the user about the status of getting the protection plans. Recently Xiaomi had also offered Mi Protect plans for few device in their lineup, but these cannot be brought separately.

Earlier: Nov 3, 2015 – Few weeks ago, OnePlus came up with a couple of protection plans for the OnePlus 2, but that was limited to the Indian market. The company had partnered with Simplesurance to provide insurance called as ‘On-Guard‘ for all the European OnePlus users. Unlike the two types of plans in India, there is only one plan with 12 months and 24 months of time period. The services have begun yesterday and are priced at €39.99 (approx Rs. 2,900) for 12 months and €64.99 (approx Rs. 4,700) for 24 months.

The accidentally damaged or liquid damaged devices are covered under the ‘On-Guard’ plans. Once the latest OnePlus X is on sale, the company will also announce the plans for that handset. In a weird manner, the company had left out the early users of OnePlus 2, since the services can only be purchased along with the device or need to contact the Simplesurance within 15 days of purchasing the device. In the coming days, OnePlus also plans to announce similar kind of protection plans for the U.S and Canada users.

Earlier: Oct 17, 2015 – After Xiaomi hit the Smartphone market with the devices sporting high-end specifications that are priced only half of what other devices with same specs are costing, last year OnePlus came with a new smartphone called OnePlus One. This was also dubbed as Flagship Killer, which was hit in the market even though the device was available in the market with very limited stocks & through the invite system.


Recently the company had launched its second smartphone i.e. OnePlus 2; that is the successor for last year’s flagship. The device was over-hyped which resulted in over two million registrations in just one week while the company had only limited stocks. Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus had recently apologized for the long delays in shipments. We had also covered a detailed story on why this was the Smartest Phone Brand

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Today, OnePlus has come up with something new for their smartphone users. The company has announced two new warranty option for the users of OnePlus 2. As of now it is only available to the users in India which is with a partnership with a third party company for providing this optional Warranty services. The options include B2X Service and B2X Protect that are priced at Rs.999 and Rs.1,299 respectively and can be purchased through Amazon India.

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These plans for OnePlus are very similar to the Apple Care plans which they offer for the iPhone’s & iPad’s. Most product warranties do not include physical damages like device drops or spilled / drenched in rain / water, but with these Insurance plans from OnePlus you are safe. Do make a note that you have to purchase these plans within 10 days of your device purchase and register with B2X within 7 days if not its not valid. Also the plan is valid from the date of purchase of the OnePlus 2 till the next 12 months.

B2X Service for OnePlus 2:

The RS.999 priced B2X Service extends the manufacturer warranty for OnePlus for another year. The device covers same defects and services that are provided for the devices with manufacturer warranty. This service cannot the be availed for the OnePlus One. The user needs to purchase this service plan within 30 days after purchasing the device and need to register at B2X website within 7 days.

B2X Protect for OnePlus 2:

The B2X Protect is priced at Rs.1,299 and covers accidental, Physical, and liquid damage to your OnePlus 2. The Protect plan covers your device for the first one year starting from the date of purchase. According to the company, the below-mentioned damages will be covered under the B2X Protect plan.

  • Fails to work because of an accidental fluid spill that enters the internal circuitry, resulting in failure of the Covered Equipment
  • Act of god perils, fire, lightning, and explosion
  • Damage during riot, strike & malicious damage



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