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Asus Chromebit converts a Monitor into a Computer powered by Google Chrome OS



Asus Chromebit Google Chrome OS

Today in the news we have something that’s different from the regular Phone Launches or accessories that do not do anything too different. It’s a product from Asus priced at $85 offering you a full fledged Operating System running within a Pen drive-sized package allowing you to convert your normal Monitor into a computer. Dubbed as the Chromebit that was unveiled in March this year, its on the line up of Chromecast, Chromebook & Chromebox.

Based on the name, we can expect this to be the smallest product in the above-mentioned series that’s a small stick plugged in with the built-in HDMI to your monitor or a TV. Just needs an additional power plug to power it & a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse for controlling the same. The dongle is not just limited to the Google Play Store but would also be available on Newegg, Amazon & Fry’s with the availability not just limited to the US but also would be available in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan and the UK.

This product makes sense only when you can find spare monitors while travelling or during business meetings that are hard to find. A better product would be the Surface Dock from Microsoft that was recently launched with the 950XL & is also bundled with the retail package for free. This is because at least you can expand the display of your phone into a larger one with the apps & private information available to access, unlike the Chromebit that also needs a separate power supply.

Overall it is a good product if you wish to have a mini computer in your living room where you could browse the web easily though that would also need you to spend on the keyboard and the wireless mouse. That said, at this price point & the limited features set we think it’s something not everyone can throw their money at, since the Chromecast is more relevant to your home, while a Chromebook can fulfil your travel needs but the Chromebit is something that should stay at the store & the product you should be avoiding.


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