OnePlus One now will Always be Available Without Invites, says “Farewell to Invites”

by Chetan Bhawani 13

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OnePlus and Xiaomi seem to be taking on each other quite well, and the latest step from the former makes it even more evident, though the intention might not be just to follow what the competitor does. OnePlus One, the “flagship killer” smartphone launched in 2014, was always available only through invites, and only once or twice, was seen on sale without the invite needed (that too for a few hours), and the invites was one of the reasons for the anticipation and success of the device, only after the pricing.

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It was always a struggle for many who were ready to spend their money on the device, to get an invitation to actually purchase it. At one point, it was at such a peak in India that the invites were being sold.

Farewell to invites

It definitely was one of the best devices that was more about value-for-money (OnePlus One Review), as the specs were similar to what the flagships from Tier 1 brands packed in, but the price was too competitive, and only the Xiaomi Mi4 could well match it in that aspect.Now that the OnePlus One will be available without the invites, we might be already looking at the successor to this. OnePlus probably was looking at this as the final resort to push the sales and clear the stocks.

The press release carried these words ““This current shift from an invite system to a non-invite system is a big step, one from which we will learn a great deal before the OnePlus 2 launch, with invites, in the third quarter of this year”,. Thus, the OnePlus 2 again will be invite-based, so don’t get really excited if you were expecting OnePlus to change the way they sell the phones, for the entire lineup.

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  • Shatarup Chowdhury

    good move…

  • im_mukund

    Invite thing was such a hassle. But any new gadget launch from Oneplus?

    • yeah the one plus two! It’s going to be on invites though…

      • Which clearly implies that they are just trying to clear off the stocks of this model.

        • makes sense, and at the end of the day they weren’t even making much profit anyway because of the pricing.

          • im_mukund

            Thanks. Rumors surfaced that there will be a budget phone from 1+. Is that true? And they won’t be getting much profit even from their upcoming phones I guess.

          • Yes the rumors seem true. Evidently it can be released alongside the One plus 2. If they re adjust their pricing they can have a higher profit margin but I’m sure so many are used to the low price of the One plus one.

          • im_mukund

            Yeah. I don’t think 1+ will jump right away into high-end segment. It shouldn’t.

        • im_mukund

          Are there any details about specs of Oneplus two and also Oneplus one Lite?

  • probably my favourite phone of 2014. It was such a new crazy idea with a brilliant design low price and ultra specs. Its only drawback was the invite system which was slightly alleviated on Tuesday orders. Now with it completely out of the way i’m expecting a renaissance of sales! One day…