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Sharp showcased 1000ppi display on its IGZO-screen for screen concept Smartphone



Sharp has shown its new inventions in the display technology at the CEATEC expo held in Japan. It also hinted its design of mobile VR and smartphone. Sharp has produced a prototype display design for the VR headsets which will feature a mammoth 1000 pixels per inch which is far more than the high-resolution smartphones that we see in the market.

Reportedly Sharp is going to invest $568 million in the development and productions of OLED panels and has the plans of starting the production in June 2018. The reports also hinted that Apple and few other companies have entered into the negotiations with the conclusion of a contract for the upcoming iPhones. It is also said that the iPhone 8 is likely to get a curved OLED-display which could be produced by the South Korean giant, Samsung.

Sharp is going to offer double sharpness and with pixel density so high with the VR headsets whose display is small and also is very close to eyes so, at a short distance, the pixels can be seen. So, to overcome this issue we need to have very high pixel density. As of now, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 features the highest pixel density of 558 PPI.


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Sharp has not mentioned any technical specifications of this new technology, but it has shown a prototype edge-to-edge smartphone with the front panel featuring the only screen making it a bezel-free device. We have to look forward if Sharp will be the first smartphone maker to bring this concept into reality. The technology already exists and is also developed so we might see these all-screen smartphones very soon in the near future.

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Recently Sharp has released devices like, Sharp Corner R, Sharp Aquos C1, Sharp Aquos A1 and the famous among them being the Sharp Aquos Zeta. Stay tuned to Phoneradar for more similar news and comment below to know more. We will be getting back to you once we get more information about the same. What do you think of this concept?


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