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Night Mode to make a comeback on the Nexus 5X & 6P in a future Release



Back in the day when Google first announced the Android N Developer Preview, one of the features which made many of happy was the night mode setting which was baked into the OS. Turing it on would filter out the blue light from the display which will help reduce the amount of strain on users’ eyes. Before that many users were relying on Blue light filtering apps for late night usage in dark environments. But having it right into the OS was a good move until Google decided to take it off.

Yes, the Android Engineering team reported that the particular feature needed a lot of work before the final release and hence it was removed from the final version roll out to the Nexus 5X and the 6P. However, it was still very well present within the OS. It was hidden and hence there was an app that restored this functionality. So in a way, although people were upset about the fact that Google removed the update, most of them were still happy about the fact that it was still there and how easy it was to restore it back.

Later after some time when the Pixel and the Pixel XL made an appearance, the exact same feature was found in them. However, the company stated that this feature would not make a comeback to Nexus devices due to the lack of the driver support, etc. Well, after that many users pinned a request on the AOSP Issue Tracker, hoping that someday this feature will make an appearance. And now after all this time, when we thought that it would never be available since few updates were rolled out after that, now a Google employee marked this request status to be included in a “Future Release.”

With that being said, now we now for a fact that the night mode feature is making a comeback at least to the Nexus 5X and the 6P. Maybe they are planning it to call the same Night light feature as the one found on the Pixel and the Pixel XL devices. Also, do make a note that the employee didn’t give a specific date or even any update schedule as to which one bring back that feature. All we know as of now is that the feature is coming back. While that might be enough for you if you are a Nexus enthusiasts. On the other hand, it is good to see that Google is still listening to the Nexus users queries without giving up on them after the launch of the Pixel smartphones.

And yes, if you don’t want to wait for the feature to be made available and use it immediately, then you can either sideload some APK which get the job done or maybe buy a Pixel smartphone which will not only get you the new feature but will also add more to your overall user experience. Stay tuned for more info as we will update once we have more details on the same.


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